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    StellarWind's Sketches

    *sees Stels rage* FFFFFFUUUUUUUUU- running away from that is almost nearly impossible.
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    The Ultimate Showdown: Pirates Vs. Ninjas

    Ninjas The Navy is taking care of the Pirate problem.....
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    The N00b Song: A Cautionary Tale

    Moral of the story, brains are not expensive. great job Stel!
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    Do you think they should have a new protagonist for the anime?

    I thought that would of been the case after Ash went through the Indigo League, Ash wins the League championship, faces Elite Four and becomes Kanto Champion. then Gold takes over as the Protagonist, then wins Johto League, then decides to go for the Indigo League and wins that, then to top it...
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    Crush a wish!

    granted, but a snorlax eats it all I wish my laptop wasn't slow
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    the arrow game ^ < v

    ^i'll slap myself with a zorbeez
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    the arrow game ^ < v

    ^ is too lazy to < is here with Mighty Putty \/ will slap me with a fish
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    Got a team planned for HeartGold/SoulSilver...?

    Besides Cyndaquil I might have a male Nidoran (been with me ever since the RBY days), and Gastly (the only Ghost type I like), but other than that, I got nothing, but no matter what pokemon it is, I have faith in it, so basically my team could be anything besides the 3 mentioned above. so I...
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    Luckiest Moments

    luckiest catch for me was when I first found Lugia in silver, my battery was running very low at the time and I never thought I was going to make it, luckily for me though, 30 minutes later I caught Lugia, saved, then the damn thing shuts off.
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    Hiatus ahoy!

    I have good news and bad news bad news is, as of tomorrow, I will be gone for at least 18-20 days, reason being is that I will be going out to sea for that time period. Good news is, at least i'm not seasick anymore.
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    What's in a name?

    my name is Daniel, and yes I like it, but I hardly use it now, being in the military means that most times you have to go on a last name basis when it comes to the workspace, but when I'm out with friends, they refer to me as Daniel. (i'm not to big on Danny or Dan anymore, to me, they both...
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    Ask the Staff

    has any of the n00bs try to piss you off when they got their little "promotion" to n00b who went to far?
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    Executioner Raichu scares the hell out of me and Murkrow looks like it's staring me down with that red eye it has. I must say it's pretty awesome though, good job!
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    Rise of Team Neos

    at least Zack learned a lesson in this chapter, Don't ever piss off Clair.
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    What are you listening to - Right Now

    Hotel California- The Eagles
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    Weird things about Pokemon

    When a Pokemon uses Explosion, the opposing Pokemon is hit by the blast, but the Trainers walk away like nothing even happened.....
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    Weird things about Pokemon

    one thing I have to put out.... a 10 year old can go out on his own without any survival techniques, and yet go through 4 regions and still survive, I think Ash should be on Man Vs Wild. Look at this part of Mewtwo's pokedex Entry: they failed to endow Mewtwo with a compassionate heart. But...
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    The world is ending....

    if the world was ending, I would get in a jet and proceed on bombing the crap out of random places, and the best part of the plan is, I can get on the base that has said jets.
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    StellarWind's Sketches

    from the way you are drawing, you make this look easy, and from all the drawings you made don't dissapoint, great job! now on another note.... I HAVE A PLUNGER.....moving on....
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    Sentence Switch Game

    We want Billy Mays to Beleive me