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  1. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    Sprite Requests

    Can I request a tyrantrum+scyther+charizard+gyarados? And a trevenant cosplay?
  2. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    Pokemon and Team Drawn Request

    I'm sorry, but I can't really do it now...:'|
  3. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    {OPEN} Hisseki no Mise - Sprite Request Thread

    I hope I'm not asking for too much, but could you make a haxorus cosplay, a Pokémon fusion of gyarados and trevenant, then a cosplay of the fusion? If you can't, it's totally fine.
  4. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    Madeleine and Kaben artwork request open

    Could you make cartoony version of my profile picture? If not, that's fine!:up::angel:
  5. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    Give me Idea's and I write them!

    How about a story about a pikachu that falls in a crack during an earthquake and finds himself in a dimension where all Pokémon and humans are vicious.
  6. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    [CLOSED] Jey's digital emporium

    Could you make a chao marowak? If you can make it alolan marowak, that would be great. Also, do you make gen 7 chaos? If so, could you make the alolan marowak, Snorlax, decidueye, mudsdale, araquanid, and hariyama?
  7. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    S/M/US/UM Offering Baby Axews

    How would you like a shiny gyarados?
  8. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    Pokesona Requests (I Will Draw Your Pokesona) [OPEN]

    Could you make a gengar with a Dunkin' Donuts shirt that is very fat and with a mischievous look in his eyes? Also an Xbox controller in his hand.
  9. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    Crisp's request thingy

    Umm, could you draw a picture of a nidoking hardcore fighting with a blaziken?
  10. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    Single Word Story Requests!

    Freedom. (A story about Pokémon!)
  11. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    Anchiale The Muse - Sprites and Stories - Open

    Could you write a story please? Length: Whatever necessary but I prefer longer stories. Plot: Beginning: A trainer catches a wild gible. Middle: The gible evolves into a Gabite. End: The gabite evolves into garchomp. Info: None Theme: Action If you don't have the time, don't do it.
  12. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    Done/Fixed How do I put a spoiler in a spoiler?

    Um, don't say I'm stupid, but I don't understand how to use spoilers. Can someone show me?
  13. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    Charblezorb Request Corner

    So, this is my request corner. I will only do one request at a time. I can make comics, write stories, make megas, develop fakemon, draw pictures of stuff, make fusions, and if there's another thing you want me to do, maybe I could do it. RULES: I will not make inappropriate things or if I...
  14. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    The Bunnies Sprite Requests!

    Do you think you can do Megas? If you can, please make a mega Persian. If not, could you fuse Pikachu and machamp?
  15. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    Pokemon Requests

    Could you do a Braviary flying over the ocean?
  16. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    Pokemon Fusion Requests!

    How about decidueye and Charizard? If it's too hard or something, you don't need to make it.
  17. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    Panzer Jaeger's emporium of fan sprite art (Requests open!)

    Could you make a llama? With a laser gun on his back?
  18. DaCharblezorbTrainer

    Spiratomb trapped pokemon

    Could you make spiritomb trapped typhlosion?