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  1. J

    Annoying Songs You Can't get out of Your Head :P

    A little faster by be there for tomorrow, yes from that stupid Ben 10 Alien Swarm commercial. When its on in the background it will never leave :-[ .
  2. J

    If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be?

    Jack Black. He could keep me laughing for hours with his childish, derogatory humor. :P
  3. J

    Toy Story. In 3D

    i really want to see it, not only because it looks good but because i grew up with toy story, man...*tear* (TS-3) now on the 3-D versions of one and two, i think it would be good to see them again before 3, to collect some memories, and what better way than in 3-d?
  4. J

    What is your most over commonly used saying?

    i use indeed, the world like, nave, "STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM" and run up to random people in the hallway, grab their collar in my hands and say "I want my family back". very funny.
  5. J

    The world is ending....

    well for starters i would lose a 9-letter word starting with a V...:P (saying i had a day) then i would do everything i have never done before, sky dive, all that good stuff, then i wold go and steal every last Pokemon game and game system, then if its a earth-made apocalypse (zombies, nuclear...
  6. J

    Halloween costumes 2009 :)

    this hallow's eve me and my two friends were the Italian mafia. we greased back our hair and wore white button up shirts, while one friend wore a suit and tie and was the godfather, while me and the other friend stood at his sides. it was cool.
  7. J

    What is your favorite band?

    off the top of my head, green day, linkin park, and slipknot.
  8. J

    Columbus Day: Do you observe it?

    my school didnt give us a day off, but i tend to celebrate it myself. not because of him, but the whole exploring aspect of it. exploring interests me very much and i wish there was something left in this world to discover :(. exploring back then was very important, and helped modernize the...
  9. J


    my handwriting is legible but atrocious. its rugged and bulky, and without lines it gets bigger and bigger and slants downward. but in the lines and if i actually spend time on writing letters, not words, at a time it can look ok.
  10. J

    What's in a name?

    my name is james. my name means supplanter , which i guess fits me because i am often having to take charge of the little ones , and am definitely a substitute for my parents when they are not here.
  11. J

    What is your craziest dream?

    this was 3 nights ago i had a dream zombies were coming out of their graves and started doing the thriller dance, and i started dancing and killing them with my dance moves. i did the wind mill and lobbed off a whole bunch of heads, then started flying and sawed through a whole line of them. i...
  12. J

    Favourite Legendary Pokemon

    1st season: mew is super cute 2nd: Lugia is really awsesome 3rd: Latias, she's so cute and the light-reflecting down thing is sweet 4th: Manaphy is super cute and is the prince of the sea for arceus' sake.
  13. J

    Two Days of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Anime

    i wish they would make a mystery dungeon show, not just a dub of the games but a varying story, like team go-getters out of the gate with the pikachu and pichu.
  14. J

    Nemesis Generation #029 Azperial and #030 Azmer

    oh these are sweet! i love how it was an actual branching evolution because of gender, and they're good too.
  15. J


    this is really good, but the background could use some work.
  16. J

    Nemesis Generation #027 Aznymph and #028 Aznaiad

    is that a meditite head i see? anyway, i love how the gender differences are actually significant like hippowdon not just bigger abdomen like scizor.
  17. J

    New Nintendo DS to be announced next year? Generation V to follow with it?

    same here. if arceus is suppose to be god, then anymore more legendary pokemon are inferior, unless they tried to do some 12 Olympian thing with Arceus being Zeus.
  18. J

    Nemesis Generation #031 Toastoar and #32 Furnvern

    reminds me of the brave little toaster movies...i loved those as a kid. but serious?!? Fire/Electric how awesome is that!? Just gotta watch out for Earthquake.
  19. J

    Nemesis Generation #024 Patchkin, #025 Rootkin and #026 Pumpking

    man these are good...perfect for the halloween spirit! :D