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  1. P0llux0

    Favourite Legendary?

    When I was younger my favorite legendary was, I think, Articuno. Xerneas is probably my favorite right now, though. I just think it looks nice. /shrug tbh, I've never really used any legendary all that much so the only reason I ever like a legendary is just for the way it looks.
  2. P0llux0

    Which gender do you choose

    Like a lot of others on here said, I usually pick the male character and get all the Pokemon I want to have (And I use my own name). After the first time, I usually pick whichever I feel like at the time. I'm not really that picky about it.
  3. P0llux0

    Favorite Mega Evolution/Pokemon you want Mega Evolved.

    Of the ones I've played, Mega Mawile was probably my favorite. Mega Gardevoir was great to use as well. Design-wise, I really like Mega Alakazam too (But I've yet to use it).
  4. P0llux0

    What is something you like that everybody else seems to hate?

    I know a lot of people bash Final Fantasy XII and XIII but I liked both of them. They aren't my favorites by any means but I did enjoy them. I also rarely add any new clothing/hair styles in any Sims games I play. I don't know why but I like keeping my sims kind of... corny instead of adding in...
  5. P0llux0

    What Pokemon are you?

    It's interesting that I got this option now; Years ago when I took this test, I got... Ninetales?? or something like that. It kind of makes me wonder how much of me has/hasn't changed, actually...
  6. P0llux0

    What region do you want in 3D?

    All of 'em! I chose Unova on the poll, but... Though I like the thought of seeing all the regions being re-done in 3D, I'd rather they just focus on finishing up Kalos so we can move on to new generations.
  7. P0llux0

    Your favourite Pokemon

    Serperior is. For me, I like a pokemon based on a mix of looks and playstyle. It doesn't have to be a good/uber pokemon; I just need to enjoy playing with it. Besides that, I like... Volcarona, Electrode, Pidgeot, and Gardevoir. (Just to name a couple)
  8. P0llux0

    Hard to remember type match-ups

    I always forget whether or not bug types resist psychic. I think the main reason that's the case is because of the number of bug/poison types. It trips me up even to this day! And I've been playing pokemon since it's inception, so I ain't got any excuse
  9. P0llux0

    Are you a morning person?

    I'm both a morning person and a night owl, if that makes sense. Getting up early in the morning and being able to relax with a nice cup of coffee, a little something to eat and the morning sun shining through the window feels pretty great. I also like being up late at night when things are...
  10. P0llux0

    Which real-life place would you like a future Pokémon region to be based on?

    I'd like to see something like Johto again with an overarching theme of the region being exceptionally old with a lot of historical sites and what-not. I think South America or Africa would have plenty of places they could base this idea around; plus, I'd like to see some actual jungle in the...
  11. P0llux0

    Best Pokemon Nicknames???

    Lately, I've been naming Pokemon after characters from one of Tolkien's books (There are sooo many names and none of them are really mundane/everyday names.) Other than that, I usually do the whole alliteration thing or a spin off the usual name Like, I have a Mudkip named Kipler. Or Rally the...
  12. P0llux0

    What Pokémon do you think needs a Mega Evolution?

    It'd be pretty neat to see all the starters get a mega evolution. In my opinion, none of the starters really need (Or should have) megas but it's always interesting to what direction they take a Pokemon's mega form. I'd also like to see Mega Weavile. I really do like that pokemon but it's just...
  13. P0llux0

    The Person Below Me

    Yup. I took German in high school but, for the life of me, I don't know why. I don't remember anything but numbers now. The person below me speaks German!
  14. P0llux0

    Post Your Trainer Card

    This was supposed to be the team I was gonna use for Alpha Sapphire. I got to Shoal Cave and caught a Sealeo but last night I... restarted my game (And started with Treecko instead)! For me, feeling like my team... "goes together" (Synergy, perhaps?) is really important for my teams and I just...
  15. P0llux0

    What are you playing?

    Other than Pokemon AS, I've been trying to get into the .Hack GU games again. I do really want to play them but... I'm just lacking the drive to put in the work...
  16. P0llux0

    The Person Below Me

    Nooope. I mean, I don't ~hate~ hats; I just don't wear 'em. The person below me... is taking a break from playing OR/AS.
  17. P0llux0

    What would you be in the Pokemon World?

    If men could be nurses at a Pokemon center, then I'd like to be a nurse! If that didn't work out for me, I'd like to be a researcher. Maybe an aide to a professor (I can't really imagine myself being a big name professor/researcher) that studies the connection between Pokemon and stones or the...
  18. P0llux0

    Any OR/AS teams planned yet?

    The only thing, for me, I know I reallly wanna use is Swampert. Specifically because of Mega Swampert. Other than that I was thinking of using Breloom and Exploud. I'm not too sure besides, though... Most of the pokemon I want to try out are ones with Mega Evolutions or pokemon I've never really...
  19. P0llux0

    The Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 Playthrough Thread

    Current Playtime: 24:45 Badges Won: 7 Current Location: Humilau City Gym Pokedex Stamps: 34 / 72 My Team: Crobat Aggron Krookodile Golduck Volcarona Serperior Unfortunately, my current security setting at home does not allow me to play online; so, I won't be able to play with the...