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    Let the games begin! Olympics 2010

    Check this out: http://sports.yahoo.com/olympics/vancouver/blog/fourth_place_medal/post/China-gets-in-the-head-of-South-Korean-speedskat?urn=oly,219613 Looks like that rivalry got a bit out of hand, doesn't it?
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    Let the games begin! Olympics 2010

    The fiddle part was okay. It was just WAY too orange for my tastes, and I like orange. :P
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    Let the games begin! Olympics 2010

    As you know, this weekend marked the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics. The opening ceremonies were mesmerizing and a bit sad as the death of the Georgian luge competitor was honored. And let's not forget where the competition is being held. Katie must be a very proud Canadian right now. So...
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    Denvari's Sprites (Take 2)

    I watched Jappio's splice tutorial and came out with this.
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    Where in the Pokemon World would you want to live?

    I'd probably live in that nice villla at the resort area in Sinnoh. It's quiet and pretty. Plus it's free as far as money is considered.
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    Denvari's Sprites (Take 2)

    I found the original sprite among the HG/SS stuff and did some editing. I was going to change the hair to black and the shirt to red, but I don't have a good black color pallet yet sooo.....
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    Pokerus help

    Well, actually that's happened to me too. I was working on some EV training, and when I went to heal, Nurse Joy said the same thing. I was really excited so I went back to training. I was confused, so I checked on my pokemon's summary page, and there wasn't a symbol or whatever next to it. I'm...
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    Denvari's Sprites (Take 2)

    Okay, well since the other one died and all, I figured I'd start over. Examples: This is just a mugshot I put together this morning. the only big thing I did was recolor a few things and scratch the hair. This is just a badge type thing. I didn't put too much effort into it. The jacket could...
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    Exploring the Sky

    For Dialga I brought four reviver seeds and hoped for the best. And then there's the part where Rioulu knows focus blast and we both know protect. As for the Igglybuff special episode, That's the only one I actually finished. I cried a little too. I've always felt that the Mystery Dungeon...
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    Ask Teh Doc

    Someone actually asked that question on the U.S. Pokemon.com as a mailbag question and recieved this reply: So far they haven't said anything differrent, so I guess that's a no. :P Sucks for me because I'm running out of PC boxes for my platinum pokemon. P.S. I know that question is REALLY...
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    Exploring the Sky

    Froslass was pretty easy for me because my partner is a riolu and all, but I've given up on Sunflora's special episode. The only bonus episode I really want to clear is grovyles, but that's only for story purposes, so I'll probably find it on youtube or something.
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    Exploring the Sky

    I just finished the first part where you stop the planet's paralysis, and right now I'm going to get the Phione Dew for Manaphy. I went back to temporal tower and recruited Dialga because I was bored too. You know how most people you recruit are all nice and when you talk to them they say that...
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    Potential North American Release Date for HG & SS

    Wait. That's only three and a half months away! :o *Runs to the phone to call cousin.*
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    Your favorite Christmas vids/tunes

    As far as Christmas TV specials go, I'd have to say Charlie Brown Christmas is my favorite. I'm watching it tonight with the family. My favorite song would be Carol of the Bells. I've recently heard this cool synthesized version that really awesome.
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    H1N1 - Swine Flu

    I've never gotten the flu shots before. I eat a bunch of oranges and keep my hands washed, and I'm fine. What got annoying was when Obama made Swine Flu a national emergency, because that just gave the media even more to annoy all of the Americans. Including me. :P
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    Pokémon Rumble Hits North America

    I doubt you could call those graphics beautiful. XD Anyways, My cousin is bound to get this. I'll probably mess with it a little when I come over to his house.
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    the arrow game ^ < v

    ^I guess. My school's lunches aren't always edible. < Had no idea that mystery meat actually existed. V I seriously looked at my lunch and said: "Oh my josh! What the heck is that stuff?!?"
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    What's in a name?

    I'm usually called by my middle name, which is Ellen. Up untill I was four I thought it was my first name. I like ten times more than my first name, but my first name really suits me. My first name is Mary. It means stubborn as an ox. I don't really like it though because it sounds too generic...
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    the arrow game ^ < v

    ^ All you had to do is ask...
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    the arrow game ^ < v

    ^ Uh, the School. We're freeing Max, Fang, and other bird/human hybrids < Afterwards we go to Itexicon, to stop the re-evolution plan. V Got it?