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    Type Contradictions

    how about a grass and steel type or a rock and water type or the fact lugia is psychic flying but that gives it good advantages against grass.
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    Which 'Novelty' pokemon is your favourite?

    I like the shuckle i got from some guy in silver version it's pretty cute i used it alot until i found other pokemon.
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    Your most hated area of the pokémon games is...?

    I hate getting to ho-oh and lugia in gold and silver, i hate victory road's puzzle and hate battling the elite four in pearl , diamond , and especially the elite four in platinum they cheat so much! >:( But i do like the games.
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    Shinies: First ever, ones you want, have seen, or own

    The only shiny i ever had was the shiny Red Gyarados in pokemon gold and silver.
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    Your best Pokémon

    I'm not bragging but i had a typlosion in gold that was lvl 100 and 357 hp with even stats from there around 289 to 345 but that's not completely accurate i can't check it corrupted. :'(
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    What is best game

    in my oppinion silver version was the best.
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    Got a team planned out for Platinum yet?

    nah i don't like platinum like i like gold and silver
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    Your biggest mistake you've ever done in any Pokémon game?

    i pwned the elite four in gold version and only because my typhlosion was lvl67 i didn't know about the champion, and i thought the full heal and a full restore were the same thing(dumb me) i bought 2, i was beating lance but i ran out of healing items and i found out about this to late my team...
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    Most annoying Pokemon

    well specifically bertha's pokemon (in my oppinion are the hardest to beat) in platinum only because of the excessive rate they heal their Pokemon then they TKO me by a fluke. >:(
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    Glitches in your Pokemon Games.

    the elite four win count glitched up then the game later frozed every two minutes after this the Pokemon trainer club battle character freezes everytime you battle him it shows his Pokemon as lvl 0 the time is messed up in the game. :'(
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    Heart Gold/Soul Siver: Which will you be buying?

    i'll be looking for both.
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    Your Heart Gold/ Soul Silver Starter Will Be...

    I'm gonna choose cyndaquil so i can rebuild my Pokemon team which unfortunately just corrupted.