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    Apple: Pokemon Edition!

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    Pokecharms: The Green Grimoire

    I love it! It's really cool how you used a "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon" Approach to the whole thing. My favorite is Breloom. Can you guess why? *Huggles the Breloom*
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    Your Heart Gold/ Soul Silver Starter Will Be...

    Cyndaquil. I've always started with the water types, but ever since I started Platinum with a Chimchar, I fell in love with the fire types. Plus, Typhloision just damn rocks. I'm going to SR until I get a female. (I want a female soooo badly.)
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    DPPt/HGSS The Elite Four are proving to be quite... troublesome.

    I'm sorry, but I don't quite get what you said. Are you saying that I'm exaggerating by telling him that his levels are too low? Anyways. For Lucario, I'm suggesting Close Combat against Aura Sphere and either Dragon Pulse or Psychic over Dark Pulse.
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    DPPt/HGSS The Elite Four are proving to be quite... troublesome.

    I'm afraid that this may be impossible for you, since the levels of your team are under the Elite four's levels. I suggest that you level up a bit. Here's what I think you should use... Torterra Finneon (Evolve, plz.) (You may also want to catch a nice Wailord or Tentacruel on the water route...
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    Shinies: First ever, ones you want, have seen, or own

    Another lovely story. I'd resetted my Ruby for fun, and was walking around in the grass to level up my Mudkip before I had to battle my rival. I ran into a pokemon, and was ready to kill it when.... I saw the sparkles. It was a shiny Wurmple! I quickly went to my bag for a pokeball to find...
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    Hacker: Renegade

    "Real?" Alyssa exclaimed, jumping up. "No, It's... This isn't... There's got to be..." Shaking her head frantically, Alyssa fumbled over words. "What you're saying is... This IS the real world? Like, the game has taken over the world? Or we've been sucked into the game, so the game is like the...
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    Hacker: Renegade

    Alyssa spun around. "Blake!" She yelled, startled. "Calm down! There's no need to be so dramatic." She sighed, walking over to Blake and putting a hand on his shoulder. "We're all stuck in the game, as it seems." Alyssa pulled out DarCom's screen again, and the red Error! message was still...
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    The World Disappoints Me...

    *Hopes she is one of the ones worth keeping...* Wow. This is a depressing topic. I guess, I'm disappointed in humans, too. Especially the ones who teach their children to be rude and mean. *Realizes something* Psycho Monkey, WHAT are you, then?
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    Hacker: Renegade

    "Mom, just five more minutes." Alyssa sighed. She tried to sink back into the murky darkness of sleep, but the rigourous shaking continued. "Mo-om!" She groaned, but opened her eyes. Instead of staring at her mom's kind, weathered face, she was staring at Ian. He looked battered and blood was...
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    Rai's Sketches and Drawings

    I tend to chew on my stylus, too. *Confession* I really do love your art. The one of Barry/Jun is absolutely wonderful! *Squeals* I wish I could draw like that. *Goes off to rip up drawings.*
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    Hacker: Renegade

    Alyssa cried out in despair. All of her allies were disabled in some way. She couldn't even figure out where the hell Ian had gone. As another dozen viruses materialized infront of her, she formed a sword out of pale pink energy and thrust it into the viruses, her sheild sending off pulses of...
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    Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver remakes confirmed - Autumn release in Japan

    Who hoo! I'm totally getting Gold! *Megadies* I really was waiting for this. Can't wait to see the Johto region redone! Since I'm partial to water type starters, I'll probably go for Totodile, though I might take a chance with Cyndaquil... EDIT: After reading through *Most* of the...
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    Missingno, The PC Black Hole and the Wild Mystery Mark...

    Pokemon Crystal- Item and pokemon Dupilication trick. I've done this a few times with Rare candies. Put the pokemon with the item you want to clone in the second slot of your party. Put that pokemon in an EMPTY pc box. Then, switch to a different EMPTY pc box. When it says: Saving... don't turn...
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    More of Rey's Art

    *Dies* I love it, Rey! The coloring's great!
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    Hacker: Renegade

    Alyssa called her thanks to Ian, then began fighting her way towards Blake, careful not to let any viruses come withing five feet of her. "Aagh!" She exclaimed. "There's too many!" Alyssa kept fighting, though. This wasn't going to end so easily. She jumped over a clump of Viruses, slashing at...
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    Announcing the Summer 2009 Pokecharms UK Pokemon Tournament

    I really do wish I could go... but I'm fairly certain my parents won't let me hop a plane to the U.K. all by myself... Anyways, good luck to all who enter and I'm hoping sometime the tournament comes to the U.S.!
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    An image that represents you entirely

    ...yeah ...And this is what my cat is thinking... Probably. Check out the bookcase behind the cat and you'll get my point.
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    So I just...

    I usually just sleep and hope the medicine kicks in. :p I also play video games, read, and use the computer. When I feel lonely, I text my friends in class and make fun of them because they have to work. ;D
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    Quotes you like

    "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift. That is why it's called the present." -Oogway from Kung Fu Panda. "Do you want me to bolt the doors so you can massacre the unsuspecting townsfolk?" -Bella from Twilight :D