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  1. Aero

    The Person Below Me

    I actually do. I happen to have a gluten allergy. The person below me is going on a fancy vacation
  2. Aero

    XY/ORAS Aero's Trading thread

    That is doable. As long as the Froakie is female. I can be on in 10 minutes or so.
  3. Aero

    XY/ORAS Aero's Trading thread

    Sadly I just traded a friend of mine for an Oshawott and Tepig, I'd still be up to trading for a Snivy though as he didn't have one. Is there one of the three that you would like more than the rest?
  4. Aero

    XY/ORAS Aero's Trading thread

    Welcome to Aero's X/Y trading thread. My FC: 0834-1847-7628 If you would like to know additional information about a specific pokemon You can PM me. Pokemon I am currently in search of: Froakie - shiny Shaymin I'm willing to look at offers Pokemon I can breed: Bulbasaur Squirtle Charmander...
  5. Aero

    What would you do for a...

    I would pet Donkey Kong. what would you do for a significant other?
  6. Aero

    Crush a wish!

    Granted, but now you are limbless and in a coma forever. I wish it wasn't so cold in my house
  7. Aero

    The Acronym Game

    Luscious Uni-cycling Nuns Carrying Hippies INSANE
  8. Aero

    Super Smash Bros. Charms -new question-

    Character Name: Aero Character Bio: A humanoid, who's years of training allow him to focus his energy in ways most people can't. He is able to focus energy through his weapons and use it to seemingly move through shadows (from one to another). Although powerful at first Aero can't exert...
  9. Aero

    Project SSBC-The RP

    Im kinda saddened at the fact that I didn't follow this until now.. A) If this is still open i am totally interested B) one Aero, whom I will be making a bio for shortly. C) I would love to be part of the black side from the beginning This sounds like an awesome idea, and I would really like...
  10. Aero

    Aero's fancy art

    Ok, I have lost my art mojo, so to kick it back in gear I've decided to make an art thread. I'm planning on posting one or two new works each week just to keep myself going. All of the posts for now are works from previous years, in order to show you guys some examples. They will all be...
  11. Aero

    Mainstream PRP Character Bios

    Name: Aero Storm Gender: male Hometown: Fortree City Age: 19 Height: 5'9 Weight: 170 Hair: black Eyes: brown Clothing: also wears a green hoodie sometimes (it is reversible and black on the other side) Musculature: Average for a 19 year old boy Personality: Introverted but, verry loud and...
  12. Aero

    Tun's Sprite Stuff! REQUESTS OPEN

    Re: Teh Shiny Sprites of Tun .:The Home of PokePlush™:. OMG The absol is all I could have wished for and more :) Thanks sooo much, and keep up the great work
  13. Aero

    Medium sized trainer sprite request shop!

    I'm loving these. Great idea and they look awesome keep up the good work. I was wondering if you would take 2 requests. The first would be based off my custom Marley sprite : but I want her hair to be like silvery white and the bow to be black. Also, I want the legging things white. but keep...
  14. Aero

    Tun's Sprite Stuff! REQUESTS OPEN

    Re: Teh Shiny Sprites of Tun .:The Home of PokePlush™:. Wow, I am in awe of your sprite skillz. I really like the scratched gastly and spinda. Also great work on the plushies and your trainers. The espeon cosplayer and Zera are my favorite of your trainer sprites. Although I'm really...
  15. Aero

    Amethyst's Pokemon Sprite Contest!

    Ice type Scyther 'Cause I'm cool like that
  16. Aero

    Rain's art

    OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE IT. It's perfect in every way. I especially love the hair :) . Thanks a lot rain keep up the good work.
  17. Aero

    Rain's art

    Well i will have to say I love your style. Ive tried to color with markers and i never have had results like yours, they are awesome. You seem to succeed at whatever art forms you try... :) So i don't know if your still up to it, but a few weeks ago I spoke with you on 'charms chat about...
  18. Aero

    Hurt and Heal Eevee Evolutions

    #2 Flareon: HP 15 Vaporeon: HP 15 HURT Jolteon: HP 21 Umbreon: HP 27 Espeon: HP 13 HEAL Leafeon: HP 24 Glaceon: HP 24
  19. Aero

    Hurt and Heal Eevee Evolutions

    #1 Flareon: HP 15 Vaporeon: HP 16 HURT Jolteon: HP 21 Umbreon: HP 27 Espeon: HP 13 HEAL Leafeon: HP 23 Glaceon: HP 24
  20. Aero


    a bank robber uses it as a getaway vehicle and hits me as he is speeding down the street trying to out run the cops... i break both legs and am laying in the street and suddenly the cop car that was after the bank robber runs over my head and i die instantly i drop a muffin...