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    Do you think they should have a new protagonist for the anime?

    My friend and I had a discussion on this the other day and we both agreed that we'd like to see a different main character in the series. I personally would like to see the protagonist from the R/S/E version be Ash's replacement..I know it's not going to happen but please feel free to give me...
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    Favourite Legendary Pokemon

    I would have to say Entei of the three legendary beasts of Johto, his design is so awesome! I also think Deoxys is pretty amazing too, being an outer space alien Pokemon and all. My most favorite legendary of all time however is Groudon. Other then that..I've never been much for legendary...
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    Pokemon Nicknames

    I've never been a big nickname kind of guy, but here are a few that I have created: Seaspray: The Mantine King: The Tyranitar Stump: The Turtwig Hallow: The Ghastly Evergreen: The Bulbasaur Mojo: The Aipom Flarefist: The Chimchar Droprock: The Geodude
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    What would you be in the Pokemon World?

    I would be a Pokemon Trainer since I love competition and the training, but I would also be a Pokemon watcher on the sides for a hobby since I also love to draw and observe life. I also love to explore, so either trainer, watcher or both would get me around from place to place.
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    Dreaming about Pokemon

    I've had a dream where I was in the Hoenn region..and this dream gave me much respect and sympathy for the Pokemon Kecleon. Little Kecleon is minding his business and then suddenly gets blasted back by a hyper beam from a Aggron as it goes flying off team Rocket style into the sky..it soon lands...
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    Wii pokemon games

    I think a Pokemon mmorpg like World Of Warcraft would be awesome. Design your own trainer, pick which of the regions you would want to live in..and then go off and visit others. Basically a type of Pokemon game that is the same as what we have now, but with more interactions and be able to use...
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    Your First Pokemon

    Probably would have to say Gengar..his big grin and glowing red eyes plus that spiky body of his was really unique compared to the rest of the original 151 Pokemon of red and blue. I can't say I'm much of a Gengar fan these days but I still do think he's pretty cool compared to the rest of the...
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    Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver remakes confirmed - Autumn release in Japan

    After looking at those corocoro scans I'm also liking the new look of the illustrations in the background for the second gen. pokemon, very detailed! ;D
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    Your Ideal Team

    Being a fan of Johto and it's pokemon I'd definately have to go with this team: Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligatr: The first starter I ever chose in the Gold version, it is without a doubt the most coolest starter I have seen next to the chimchar family. I also love totodile's silly personality and...
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    If you were a pokemon..what poffins would you eat?

    Sometimes I wonder what my dogs doggy biscuits taste like..and pokemon poffins are no exception for me lol..seriously what would you eat? Sweet? Sour? Spicy? Dry? Bitter? Personally I'd go for spicy and sweet hands down..but tell me what you think would be the best poffin. You can pick more then...
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    Natures and EV Training: love it or hate it?

    Pretty good answers so far, it does I guess change my opinion about ev training slightly..keyword slightly lol. I guess ev training can be considered a good thing if you look at it another way.
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    Your least favorite thing about the pokemon games (PMD too)

    I hate how you always have to look like the main character in the game, it should be like battle revolution where you can make your own trainer. I also DESPISE ev training and natures as it takes so long to get the right one..heck I even just made a topic about this lol
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    What kind of Pokemon are you -take two-

    I think for me it would be a Ground/Ghost type, for the ground part I'm pretty down to earth, I like to observe things on this planet such as nature and take my time like I have no other place to be. I can also be somewhat untidy and messy and enjoy the sweet smell of soil and dirt in the...
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    Natures and EV Training: love it or hate it?

    Something I wanted to ask people because some people love it..some people hate it. I personally hate it because it can take such a long time, and the sad fact is that it is required if you want to manage well in competitive battles. I believe EV training existed in the old generation games from...
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    Your best Pokémon

    My best Pokemon currently is my level 86 Crobat, his speed always gave me the edge in battle to even overcome his weaknesses by attacking before they get the chance.
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    Do you still play 3rd gen and earlier?

    I just started playing my Gold version this month, it was my most favorite gen/region/Pokemon game and brought me the most memories of my youth..yet funny thing is I never did beat it! :P With the new remakes coming out my goal is to defeat Gold after having it for a full long ten years and do...
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    Has anyone gotten a Female Starter?

    When I first played Diamond Chimchar became my first female starter, I was hoping for a male but in the end she turned out to be one of the best starters I ever had next to Totodile, and I was quite proud to have her.
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    Your most hated area of the pokémon games is...?

    I hate the area's in Sinnoh shrouded in fog because of the trainer battles, they just seem to go on forever as it's constant hit and miss..on the other hand I guess it can work to one's advantage..but then again when you're only trying to get to the next area so you can progress through the game...
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    Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver remakes confirmed - Autumn release in Japan

    I can't wait to get this game, the original was my favorite of all time (ironically I never did beat the game). I love the idea that you can have your pokemon follow you now..definitely will be hooked on this game once it's released here, and I can finally get Totodile again!
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    Your Favourite Pokemon

    My Favorite Pokemon are in my main team: Feraligatr, (and his evolution family) Crobat, Arcanine, Walrien, Ambipom and Gligar. My other team which I only use for Pokemon contests consists of my following favorites: Smeargle, Mothim, Torterra, Sandslash and Mantine.