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  1. Picnicker Virgil

    "Pokémon Stars" Rumoured for Nintendo Switch

    I was always hoping that X & Y would get a third title on the Wii U, since the graphics would translate so well to a bigger screen. I have the XL and it still doesn't feel big enough to view everything on. And Sun and Moon would make PERFECT console games. I'm crossing my fingers that these...
  2. Picnicker Virgil

    October 14th trailer surfaces with new information!

    Alolan Grimer/Muk are so cool! They're some of my favorite Gen 1 Pokemon, and so far my favorite Alolan form. It's nice to see new evolutions since I was starting to wonder where all my 3 stage evos were, it seems like everyone opted for new forms this season instead. I'm not letting my...
  3. Picnicker Virgil

    New Version Exclusive Pokémon Revealed For Sun & Moon

    Oranguru is my absolute favorite Pokemon revealed so far! I'm glad he's in Moon, since I wanted that one already and I might have chosen Sun just for him.
  4. Picnicker Virgil

    New Pokémon Revealed: Turtonator

    I love when we get new turtle Pokemon! He's kinda cool, I'll probably try him out after I catch him but I dunno if he'll stay on my team for long
  5. Picnicker Virgil

    New Pokémon Discovered - Salandit

    I actually love her a lot, probably the reveal I'm most interested in so far. I'm worried that I'm setting myself up for disappointment but I am so excited for her evolution(s)!
  6. Picnicker Virgil

    Seven New Pokémon Revealed

    Falkor!! That fish is too ugly to hate, I just feel sorry for her.
  7. Picnicker Virgil

    CoroCoro leaks two new Pokémon

    I have never been less interested in a puppy in my entire life, that koala is demanding all my attention. I hope he (or an evo) learns Wood Hammer and can smack tf outta everybody with his log, or I hope he plays it like a bongo drum. Now I just wanna have a bonfire on the beach in Alola with my...
  8. Picnicker Virgil

    Fossil Moon: Anyone can join!

    "We have chocolate cake, Crème brûlée, brownie sundae-" "I'll have the leppa berry pie." Corey interrupted the waitress as she listed off the restaurant's desserts. "I'm sorry, we're actually all out of leppa berry pie. They're making another one right now, but it probably won't be ready for a...
  9. Picnicker Virgil

    Digimon RP Reboot

    That works for me. I agree with PM, things will probably pick up once we're all in the same group. And I like that we'll get some closure on the whole Fangmon thing.
  10. Picnicker Virgil

    Fossil Moon: Anyone can join!

    As much as she wanted to leave the island as quickly as possible, Corey found herself sitting on the rocks at the beach, dipping her bare feet into the cool ocean water. Skarmory was pecking at the spaces in between the rocks and Corey imagined there was some poor Krabby scurrying around trying...
  11. Picnicker Virgil

    yes. my number hasn't changed idk if you still have it?

    yes. my number hasn't changed idk if you still have it?
  12. Picnicker Virgil

    The Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday Tailon!
  13. Picnicker Virgil

    Pictures, please ~

    So yeah Summer Glau randomly came into my work yesterday
  14. Picnicker Virgil

    I'm good too. I have no life so I have free time to do stuff like this pretty much exclusively

    I'm good too. I have no life so I have free time to do stuff like this pretty much exclusively
  15. Picnicker Virgil

    What! Oh my gosh how have you been?

    What! Oh my gosh how have you been?
  16. Picnicker Virgil

    Digimon RP Reboot

    I've fixed the post, I didn't really say what Digimon it was but I was going for Garurumon.
  17. Picnicker Virgil

    Fossil Moon: Anyone can join!

    After she rung up the last customer in line, Corey pulled out her PokeNav. She had no new messages, and the time displayed on the screen still told her she'd be here a while. She frowned, and placed the PokeNav on the counter. No sooner had she put it down than it vibrated loudly, the screen...
  18. Picnicker Virgil

    Private/Closed Something Something Digimon RP

    Wyatt agreed with Herbert, but at the same time he couldn't imagine either of them would be able to help much. He didn't have claws, and he certainly couldn't shoot bubbles at the Digimon. He could feel his heart in his throat every time Fangmon came close to Ginghamon. The two Rookies had put...
  19. Picnicker Virgil

    Fossil Moon: Anyone can join!

    Corey stared at the customer, a less than amused look on her face. Was he being serious? She wondered. She wasn't exactly expecting this kind of attention given that she wasn't making any attempt at all to look gorgeous, nor did she feel very gorgeous either. She hadn't taken a real shower in...
  20. Picnicker Virgil

    Fossil Moon: Anyone can join!

    It was another boring day of work, but today Corey didn't mind it as much as usual. She sat at her counter, staring at the clock and wishing it was time for her to leave already, like she usually did, but she had a good reason this time. Today was the day she could finally quit this horrible job...