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  1. TheChosenOne123

    Sun/Moon Starters, Region, Boxarts and Release Date confirmed

    Well i will chose popplio wait a minite if the mascot in sun is mega pyrour but whose the mascot in moon anywase so the costomising of the charchter is back for the record i think the mascot in sun is now legendary it lukes like mega pyrour
  2. TheChosenOne123

    Hoopa Event Hits Europe

    The Only reason why its horable even if the mcdonalds event happend is i do not now ho to get the prison bottle:@
  3. TheChosenOne123

    Favourite Legendary?

    definetly <.>
  4. TheChosenOne123

    Favourite Legendary?

    thats cute for the record charizard is not a legendary me mega rayquaza becose its so cool and bad ass one dragon acend could crush metwo or charizard and any other legendary and they whold be like oh my got i just god rect all exept arceus and zygard LOL
  5. TheChosenOne123

    Post Your Trainer Card

    dude this is the pokemon that finished emerald and you can get bagon here for some information in meteor falls someware
  6. TheChosenOne123

    Favourite Legendary?

    Dude You Mean you hate him/her/it Same Here Finaly
  7. TheChosenOne123

    New Sun and Moon Info Coming on May 10th

    What region will sun and moon be ? and mostly when will the movie of pokemon z come ;_;
  8. TheChosenOne123

    OR/AS Mega Rayquaza

    Ok but there wont be a remake of emerald
  9. TheChosenOne123

    OR/AS Mega Rayquaza

    Will they make a remake of emerald like omega ruby and alpha saphire
  10. TheChosenOne123

    General Gen 6 Mega Pokémon

    i just realize that some mega evolves like garchamo still lukes the same only with spikes on hi chest to feat and mega metagross just moved his feet nothing new at all even mega vinosour the only thing new about him is the flower on his head but all other mega evolutions good awsome and amazing...
  11. TheChosenOne123

    X/Y Mega Stones

    this is alans mega stone but how come it dosent match with the charizardite x insted this is a charizadite y ? :? seriously did anyone realize that @.@ dude even rayquaza
  12. TheChosenOne123

    Zygarde distribution is now live, shiny XY Legends to follow

    is it a ivent in witch game y x omega ruby alpha saphire ? and for the record saokirito zygard 50% special very powefull and i dont no why ther no 100% ?
  13. TheChosenOne123

    Post Your Trainer Card

    dragon rules and these are my favorites
  14. TheChosenOne123

    Post Your Trainer Card

    dragon for the win and my favorite pokemons
  15. TheChosenOne123

    #658 - Greninja

    i like greninja and all but something is missing a water katana or something else
  16. TheChosenOne123

    Your Emerald , Sapphire or Ruby team?

    My Team swampurt noisy the explowd groudon kyougre rayquaza rock the golem and i played emerald oh and i preety much finished emerald now at omega ruby
  17. TheChosenOne123

    Favourite Legendary?

    Guys am I the only one who hates picachu sorry for picachu lovers but seriously tho i no like picachu