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  1. Animefan1

    Weird Warning Signs

    Have you ever seen any warning labels with odd or obvious warnings on them ? Like this one time , I bought a can of macadamia nuts back when I lived in Hawaii and it said on the back : WARNING ! May contain nuts . And another time I saw a label on dog food that said : This product will cause...
  2. Animefan1

    Red's GIMP Thread: Now Taking Requests

    Wow it's great , Red !!! Better than I was expecting , too . Hey sorry I didn't reply ASAP . I almost forgot about it . So , yeah , can I get the URL code for that ? Thanks :D .
  3. Animefan1

    Your Favourite Gen V Pokemon

    Petilil , Audino , Chandelure , Swanna :)
  4. Animefan1

    The Black and White Playthrough Thread

    Found out that there was more to the game .... XD fail . Training my team to beat the Elite 4 and Alder . Same team except caught a Ducklett evolved it to Swanna and Lampent is now a Chandelure . Reshiram is in my PC boxes . Also went through Mistralton Cave and caught legendary Pokemon ...
  5. Animefan1

    Post Your Opinions

    Convenient and Dangerous at the same time . Opinion on mirrors ?
  6. Animefan1

    The Vending Machine Game!

    Gets a lightbulb . Inserts the lightbulb .
  7. Animefan1

    Name That Pokemon Move !

    Crunch ? Oh no , you seem to have gotten yourself in a frenzy ... By Venusaur !
  8. Animefan1

    The Acronym Game

    People Own Everlasting Radios COOKIE
  9. Animefan1

    The Black and White Playthrough Thread

    Back , and I completed my game today ! Beat the Elite 4 and Ghetsis and I'm the new Champion of Unova , Black Version . Current Team: Reshiram lv. 51 DragonBreath Slash Extrasensory Fusion Flare Serperior lv. 50 Slam Giga Drain Dragon Tail Leaf Blade Audino lv. 44 Retaliate Attract Secret...
  10. Animefan1

    ~pokemon look alikes~

    an old deformed plant doll ? Samurott
  11. Animefan1

    Who's That Pokemon ? Riddle Game

    Snorlax ? I am the serpent and vine pokemon .
  12. Animefan1

    The Black and White Playthrough Thread

    I got my Pokemon Black game two weeks ago on a Sunday . I think . I kinda forgot , hehe ;D . But it was somewhere at that time . Well here's my current team : Servine Lv. 19 Herdier Lv. 19 Panpour Lv. 13 Yeah I haven't been playing a lot lately because of school and stuff . I only have 2...
  13. Animefan1

    Who's That Pokemon ? Riddle Game

    Roselia ? I am the evolved form of Lillipup . From gen 5
  14. Animefan1

    The one job you'd never have

    Heck yeah I will xD . I'd rather take crap out of the toilet than take lives out of the world .
  15. Animefan1

    *~ Shaymin's Cloud of sprites! *~

    Thanks much , Shaymin ! It's so nice ! Sorry I didn't get it right away .... I haven't been going on so I haven't been checking the sprite galleries . But anyways , thanks again ! I looove it (=^-^=)
  16. Animefan1

    Who's That Pokemon ? Riddle Game

    Ralts ? This Pokemon is known for its big appetite for food .
  17. Animefan1

    Glasses or Contacts ?

    @Jenova Haha yeah that's why I've been rethinking my first opinion on glasses xD . I always like my food hot , except for when its something that's not supposed to be eaten hot , But I guess you've got the point :P I'm starting to like my contacts better now , because just today I was playing...
  18. Animefan1

    How did you discover Pokemon?

    Re: Where did you start. Well I've always started out watching the original Pokemon show . It was surprisingly interesting , I thought one day . Then as soon as I found out that Nintendo made a game for it , I got right away . I started with Pokemon ForeRed version . It was epic . That's what I...
  19. Animefan1

    Post Your Opinions

    I used to hate it but eh , it's getting easier for me now :) Opinion on hamsters ?
  20. Animefan1

    Hall of Eggery

    Oh thanks for telling me that . Yeah . Now I'm 1 percent smarter about Pokemon. :P