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  1. AZ3L09H

    OR/AS Mega Sableye

    I find it very fitting how it has a giant gem it uses, and I like how it didn't change too much. I mean it has them as eyes and has them on it's body.
  2. AZ3L09H

    OR/AS Mega Diancie

    I'm still waiting for Diancie to have a US event, and theres already a mega evolution for it. I'm also slightly disappointed that it was Diancie that got the mega evolution.
  3. AZ3L09H

    Mega Blaziken

    Now the other Hoenn starters should get mega evolutions. ಠ_ಠ
  4. AZ3L09H

    Mega Heracross

    It looks like it has an air vent in it's lower stomach.
  5. AZ3L09H

    Mega Houndoom

    Mmmm that tail and them horns on that head are rockin' it!
  6. AZ3L09H

    Mega Aerodactyl

    Why does it seem like that a majority of the mega evolution's have some form of spikes on them?
  7. AZ3L09H

    Mega Mawile

    It's adorable, pretty, epic, and badass. It's truly amazing.
  8. AZ3L09H

    Mega Abomasnow

    It looks like too much, but at the same time it looks slightly epic. Plus it has a cute face.
  9. AZ3L09H

    Mega Gardevoir

    Gardevoir now looks even more epic.
  10. AZ3L09H

    Mega Kangaskhan

    Yay! The baby kangaskhan finally grew up!
  11. AZ3L09H

    Mega Gyarados

    They should have made it a Dragon type, not Dark.
  12. AZ3L09H

    #713 - Avalugg

    Why am I so attracted to Pokemon with high defenses? They're so amazing.
  13. AZ3L09H

    #701 - Hawlucha

    Mucha Lucha.
  14. AZ3L09H

    #678 - Meowstic

    Shiny meowstic, both female and male, remind me of the Vocaloids Rin and Len.
  15. AZ3L09H

    #675 - Pangoro

    There need to be more panda Pokemon. Panda's are amazing.
  16. AZ3L09H

    #699 - Aurorus

    It's so cute and fancy looking.
  17. AZ3L09H

    #685 - Slurpuff

    This Pokemon reminds me of the character strawberry short cake.
  18. AZ3L09H

    #686 - Inkay

    It's so cute, and the way you evolve it is amusing.
  19. AZ3L09H

    #681 - Aegislash

    I have been waiting so long for an amazing Ghost steel type, I must wait no longer. This Pokemon is amazing.
  20. AZ3L09H

    #683 - Aromatisse

    It's so fluffy and cute, I approve :up: