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  1. SilvallStein

    IDK's art dump

    it is fine if you can not help me with the pokedex but the other thing is all art will be wiped when i return my ipad so i have to store all my art on my dads computer :\
  2. SilvallStein

    IDK's art dump

    So there’s something going on with my iPad and turns out I have to return it to my school when school starts again but I will be able to still contact and make posts but I just can post art because now I’m going to switch this account on my computer so I will not be able to post anymore art :(...
  3. SilvallStein

    IDK's art dump

    Oh hey remember when I said I was going to redraw Silvalstein so I actually did not to long ago last month and this is the final product, I also scraped his masked form because it was tooooo hard to draw. I also changed a lot of his design like removing the weird waist armor and adding a arceus...
  4. SilvallStein

    IDK's art dump

    Ohhhhhh!!!! I love this!!! I made something like this this too it’s called Mismagvoir. It also has some hints of chandelure in it
  5. SilvallStein

    Your Weirdest PKMN

    My weirdest Pokémon is a gastly I caught and I named him Rick gastly and then a i gave him a everstone and leveled him up to level 100 so he’s forever a gastly.
  6. SilvallStein

    What did you nickname your Solgaleo/Lunala?

    I nicknamed my my lunala lunar eclipse and my solgaleo solar eclipse
  7. SilvallStein

    What Is Your Most Disappointing Moment In Pokemon?

    The silvally glitch. In Pokémon sun and moon and Pokémon sword and sheild. Silvally would be able to learn randomly at any time grass pledge, water pledge and fire pledge but a glitch in silvallys programming caused silavally to only learn grass pledge and they still didn’t fix the glitch.
  8. SilvallStein

    Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

    Mine is 1. Silvally 2. Mewtwo 3. Bisharp 4.gallade 5. shiny rayquaza 6. Mismagius 7. Shiny umbreon 8. toxicroak 9. Shiny sylveon 10.Centiscorch.
  9. SilvallStein

    What are some ridiculous nicknames you gotten from wonder trade?

    But I also got a carbink Called diamond
  10. SilvallStein

    What are some ridiculous nicknames you gotten from wonder trade?

    i wasn’t the one who got the surprise trade but I named a gastly ,Rick gastly for trolls. Gave it a ever stone so it won’t evolve, leveled it up to level 100 so it can’t evolve then I surprised traded it and I hope someone laughed at the trade.
  11. SilvallStein

    Ask the Staff

    Oh ok I’m sorry I didn’t know all the rules for this website but I’m glad you told me
  12. SilvallStein

    Ask the Staff

    I have a question about the time I almost got banned because i posted a screenshot of the Pokémon trainer cards I made. It said the trainer cards i made weren’t my trainer cards for some reason even though before the update if you go to my account you can see the trainer cards I made and you can...
  13. SilvallStein

    Post Your Trainer Card

    Sadly I had two manetrics. One was sparky and the other was bumble bee my shiny manetric but I couldn’t add my shiny manetric because shiny Pokémon isn’t a option
  14. SilvallStein

    Post Your Trainer Card

    I have now made my modern trainer card and yes I named my silvally Pokestein cause why not
  15. SilvallStein

    Happy Easter Art!

    This has to a Pokémon
  16. SilvallStein

    Butterflygon's Art

    Omg I love this. But every Pokémon fan art I always see is always my hero academia plus Pokémon fusion
  17. SilvallStein

    I need help getting the shiny charm in Pokémon sword

    Yeah but to complete the galar pokedex you need to catch ever Pokémon and some Pokémon can only be found in Pokémon shield so you can’t catch Pokémon from Pokémon shield if you play Pokémon sword. That’s why you need help from someone who plays pokemon shield to help each other catch all Pokémon
  18. SilvallStein

    I need help getting the shiny charm in Pokémon sword

    The only way you can get the shiny charm is to catch every Pokémon in the game but some Pokémon have to be traded to evolve and some are only found in Pokémon shield so I need some help by someone who plays Pokémon shield to help me out.
  19. SilvallStein

    What Animal, or Creature would you like to see, as a Pokémon?

    A creature or technically a monster I would like to see as a Pokémon is Frankenstein cause it would be really cool to have Pokémon based off of the universal movie monsters and the close’s we ever got to having a actual Frankenstein Pokémon is silvally and mewtwo. But sense I’m too impatient for...
  20. SilvallStein

    Favourite Legendary?

    My favorite legendary is technically mewtwo and silvally cause Nintendo really has to make a Frankenstein Pokémon and silvally and mewtwo is the close’s we can get