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  1. austin1

    Trainer Card Maker - Now With 50% More Shiny!

    Yea thanks I can now show my awesome team in the kalos region:D
  2. austin1

    #658 - Greninja

    I know right froakie is the beast greninja is my fav besides infernape Greninja is boss plus depending on the moves it uses it changes types so it can learn about anything
  3. austin1

    UK Pokémon Winter Championships

    Ok thanks
  4. austin1

    UK Pokémon Winter Championships

    What is the level limit? what's the highest you can have for the battles?
  5. austin1


    In diamond I chose chimchar ss toadadile white black 2 I chose tepig x I chose froakie Crystal-toadadile Red-charmander Blue-squrtle Ruby sapphire and emerald- treeko Yellow pikachu(nicknamed sparky)
  6. austin1

    Your favourite Pokemon

    Fire-infernape(because it's fast) Electric-raichu (because it's electric moves are awesome and it's iron tail is super effective) Ice-beartic (it's like ursaring just in ice form) Grass-bulbasaur (awesome looking)
  7. austin1

    #656 - Froakie

    Of course we get a frog starter I have a feeling they are running out of ideas for new pokemon
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  9. austin1

    Was up

    Was up
  10. austin1