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  1. Giovanni Reyes

    Dream Teams

    Heracross Krookodile Alakazam Garchomp Suicune Charizard I chose this as my dream team solely based on my favorites. They all pack a serious punch as well.
  2. Giovanni Reyes

    The Return of the Pokémon Center

    I never knew it even existed.. will definitely have to check it out, thanks.
  3. Giovanni Reyes

    A "Favourite Starters!" Topic

    Gen 1 favorite is and always will be Charizard but the first 3 starters are all fantastic in their own right. Gen 2 starters seemed a bit uncreative but the Totodile line was greatly thought out (Chikorita line was terrible, IMO) Gen 3 a strong case can be made for each one and I cannot pick a...
  4. Giovanni Reyes

    Yanmega, win or fail?

    Never got around to training one but always seemed so unappealing..
  5. Giovanni Reyes

    Best Pokemon Nicknames???

    Never really got into nicknaming my Pokemon.. But I once trained an Absol and affectionately named him Loner. He was a beast. Then I caught a Pelliper and named him Pellipy lol that thing let me down many times but I kept him on my team as the official HM slave.
  6. Giovanni Reyes

    Official Shiny Pokemon Thread

    A few years back, I was playing Pokemon Crystal (I like the original games better than the newer ones). Anyway, I started off with a kick ass Totodile and needed a fire-type to round my team out, so I settled on catching a Growlithe. I KO'd the first one I ran into, but the next one that...
  7. Giovanni Reyes

    Favourite Legendary?

    Kyogre without a doubt. The drizzle effect combined with the ability to learn thunder.. "Shocking"
  8. Giovanni Reyes

    Your favourite Pokemon

    Mankey is at the top of my list lol Heracross has always been a deep favorite of mine, though he's crippled by the major weakness to flying-types.