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  1. Mossclaw

    What Pokémon do you think needs a Mega Evolution?

    Ambipom I only chose Ambipom because 1.) Ambipom is one of my favorite pokemon and 2.) I think it could use a boost in stats I can't really think of a good design for the mega though.
  2. Mossclaw

    Legendary Pokemon Personality Test

    I got Arceus. "Wise and helpful" Not accurate tbh
  3. Mossclaw

    Favourite Legendary?

    Latias :) I prefer Latias over Latios because Red>Blue! I love its design and typing. I think Psychic/Dragon is pure awesomeness. Like most legendary pokemon, it is a great pokemon for battling Also I just imagine riding around it flying in the sky to my destinations. :)
  4. Mossclaw

    Your favourite Pokemon

    Aipom cant really explain