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  1. Moonlight-Zelda

    Hey, Red. It's been ages, and life is still pretty hectic, but I stumbled across Charms again...

    Hey, Red. It's been ages, and life is still pretty hectic, but I stumbled across Charms again and happened to remember my password. How goes things on your end?
  2. Moonlight-Zelda

    Re:Rise of Team Neos

    You certainly never disappoint, Monkey. *Grins.* I know I'm a bit late on commenting again, but I do love your recent character development. And while I know Eve wouldn't bounce around like that, realistically, she at least cares enough behind her quite frankly abhorrent attitude to act a...
  3. Moonlight-Zelda

    Re:Rise of Team Neos

    Wow, I missed two chapters because of the move? o.o Either way, both of them were completely epic. While I'd just be repeating some other readers, I have to agree the chapter from Axel's point of view was full of "lolz", hehe. But I really did like Raiden's chapter more. He's still one of my...
  4. Moonlight-Zelda

    Re:Rise of Team Neos

    Hehe, I know I just got around to commenting, but that chapter was simply epic. I loved your ATLA reference, too. The cabbage merchant never gets a break, even in other fandoms. *Chuckles.* But that was simply hilarious. And while I knew Eve was spiteful before, its all the more obvious now. I'm...
  5. Moonlight-Zelda

    An Unfortunate Incident

    Re: An Unfortunate Incident [PoChaNoWriMo] Hehe, and you said you haven't written in years? This certainly doesn't show it, Oniisan~. *Huggles.* I"ll be looking forward to seeing more of your tale. ^_^
  6. Moonlight-Zelda

    ~The Petrifying Halloween Poll of Horror~

    Hehe, you just might like my novel, then, Tatile. Vampires own what's left of the human race. *Evil laugh.* Some are sympathetic (in another words, they treat their slaves fairly instead of like mangy dogs), but most of them couldn't give a flip. Yeah ... If I could turn into one of -my-...
  7. Moonlight-Zelda

    The Birthday Thread

    Hehe, happy birthday, Oniisan~! *Huggles.* I hope you have a great day, Reddie.
  8. Moonlight-Zelda

    Race into the Night (T)

    *Nods.* Well, would you like us to exchange links to our characters? That way we can get a good idea of them, at least. (Although Telger doesn't have a CS yet.) We can discuss them here, though. No worries about that. ^_^
  9. Moonlight-Zelda

    Race into the Night (T)

    Add torture to the list. >_> But, I know you've got good roleplay skills, Sem. Accepted. Out of curiosity, which character do you mean? Telger, or Hannah?
  10. Moonlight-Zelda

    Race into the Night (T)

    Plot: When Hannah Denzel arrives in Kanto, nothing goes as planned after the first few days. Although she does get to see a few sights, it’s safe to say things go downhill after that. Both she and a new companion getting wrapped up in an attempted poaching of rare pokemon – An attempt that...
  11. Moonlight-Zelda

    Nightmare Fuel (Pokemon Species)

    Considering this was supposed to be a children's game to start with, back in Generation I, I'm honestly surprised at some of the pokemon they included. Nature may indeed be harsh, but I'm sure long-time and new gamers alike to this series have noticed odd Pokedex entries here and there. I think...
  12. Moonlight-Zelda

    What are you listening to - Right Now

    "Melody for a Friend" - Kalsikum.
  13. Moonlight-Zelda

    The Birthday Thread

    Lolz, what's with all the Link-jokes every year? He's a cool character, but I'm not a rabid fangirl. *Chuckles.* Thanks, though.
  14. Moonlight-Zelda

    The Birthday Thread

    Hehe, thanks, guys. I appreciate it. ^_^
  15. Moonlight-Zelda

    The Birthday Thread

    Hehe, so your birthday is on the same day as mine, [b]Retrolutionary[b]? Best of wishes to you, my friend, and I hope you enjoy your 20th~. ^_^
  16. Moonlight-Zelda

    Pokemon: Rising Darkness (Preview)

    *Smiles, and huggles Reddie.* Thank you for stopping by, Oniisan. Its much appreciated. As for when I start RD ... I'm tied between it and CoE, actually. I may post a chapter preview of that as well. What do you say? (Hehe, not at all~. *pulls wool off eyes.*) Your comments are much...
  17. Moonlight-Zelda

    NaNoWriMo: Pokecharms-style?

    Hmm ... I am currently balancing a buttload of stories and roleplays, but ... This does indeed sound interesting. I may take part in it, and try my hand. ^_^
  18. Moonlight-Zelda

    The Pokemon Nickname Game 2

    Johny! Name my snarky eevee.
  19. Moonlight-Zelda

    Clockwork Heart

    Oh yes. This is completely fantastic. It was certainly worth reading, I must say. *Grins.*
  20. Moonlight-Zelda

    Don't Fade Away (Short Stories & Free Verse)

    Re: The Clock Tower This is definitely different from what's usually posted around here. Dark Soul seems to be right, too. I've never really read any zombie stories, though, so I'll stick around to see what's going on.