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  1. GamerGarchomp

    What if you were a Gym leader?

    bruh you're stupid i dont know who you are but you forgot about koga's daughter and roxie
  2. GamerGarchomp

    Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

    i am very happy that garchomp is on your list
  3. GamerGarchomp

    What if you were a Gym leader?

    yes i have found out that koga is a poison gym leader. just getting that out of the way before you grab your pitch forks
  4. GamerGarchomp

    Which Region has the Hardest Set of Gym Leaders?

    What do you guys think were the hardest gym leaders to battle? [
  5. GamerGarchomp

    Sun & Moon VS US/UM- Which is Better?

    Ultra Sun and Moon are the obvious winners here in my opinion. With the extra pokemon added to the dex and new pokemon like poipole and naganadel and even ultra necrozma, they are the superiors.
  6. GamerGarchomp

    What Is Your Most Disappointing Moment In Pokemon?

    i just wanted to ask how you got those spoilers on that can you tell me ive tried doing it but i cant figure it out
  7. GamerGarchomp

    What Is Your Most Disappointing Moment In Pokemon?

    They said the lack of national dex was because they didnt have enough models for all of the pokemon, but they already had all the models they just needed to get rid of the lines. im so mad that my boy garchomp didnt make it in
  8. GamerGarchomp

    What Is Your Most Disappointing Moment In Pokemon?

    i know team rockets meowth didnt even talk that was so horrible
  9. GamerGarchomp

    Favorite Pokemon of Each Type

    what are your favorite pokemon of each type? if some of them are dual types, then pick one of those types to put it in and you can put another pokemon in that other type.
  10. GamerGarchomp

    Dream Teams

    what would your dream teams be in each region? idk if someone did this before, but... maybe you could also add a team you would have in the anime out of all the pokemon to choose from ( so far ) if you want an effective team that is good in battle, i would suggest a team with a fire water and...
  11. GamerGarchomp

    Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

    i see you are a fan of cats and foxes. for me i personally prefer dogs
  12. GamerGarchomp

    Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

    im guessing you used roy against cynthias garchomp P.S. im so happy garchomp is in your top ten
  13. GamerGarchomp

    What are some ridiculous nicknames you gotten from wonder trade?

    i also got a rattata named turd and a caterpie named sausage
  14. GamerGarchomp

    What are some ridiculous nicknames you gotten from wonder trade?

    I got a dieno named PHIL S PET but kept it because it had the nature i wanted and i thought it was pretty funny
  15. GamerGarchomp

    Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

    I already posted a thread asking what your favorite Pokemon was, so I guess I was just bored and made this. What are your top ten favorite Pokemon? Mine are: 10: Tyranitar- i really enjoy using this thing on sandstorm teams and it has the ability to learn Stealth Rock, which is good, and im a...
  16. GamerGarchomp

    Ranking all Pokemon games

    1st: Platinum 1 1/2: Sword and Shield 2nd: Black 2 and White 2 3rd: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon 4th: Emerald 4 1/2: Let's Go! 5th: Diamond and Pearl 6th: FireRed and LeafGreen 7th: ORAS 8th: HeartGold and SoulSilver 9th: Black and White 10th: Red and Blue 11th: Gold and Silver 12th: Ruby and Sapphire
  17. GamerGarchomp

    In-Game Team Discussion Thread

    i havent played sword or shield yet, but i can talk about my most recent team, which was in ultra sun. i just replayed it for the second time, and this was my team: a Decidueye named Hawkeye an Alolan Raichu named Sparky a Lycanroc named Obsidian a Swampert named Clay an Infernape named Inferno...
  18. GamerGarchomp

    What's your favorite Pokemon?

    Probably one of the most popular questions in all of Pokemon, but it really is interesting because your favorite Pokemon says a lot about you. Plus, it's fun seeing all of your opinions. Remember: none of these answers are the wrong answer. P.S. My favorite Pokemon is Garchomp :)
  19. GamerGarchomp

    What if you were a Gym leader?

    Has there been a Poison Gym yet? This is based off of my own Fakemon region: the Tanden Region based off of Greece Name: Toxin Badge: Toxic Badge Type: Poison City: Virdeen City Pokemon: - Drapion ( Lv. 47 ) Ability: Battle Armor Sword's Dance Night Slash Cross Poison X-Scissor - Toxtricity (...
  20. GamerGarchomp

    What is your 1st Pokemon you trained to Level 100?

    mine was a metagross i caught in Pokemon moon. he completely rekked everything in sight. i even got a mega stone for him and all that. if only he hadnt gotten traded away for a keldeo...