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  1. PreuBen

    Pokemon ABCs Game

  2. PreuBen

    Can YOU name all 50 states of the US?

    I want to try. (I'm American, does that count as cheating? XD) 1. Washington 2.Oregon 3. California 4. Idaho 5. Nevada 6. Arizona 7. New Mexico 8. Texas 9. Oklahoma 10. Kansas 11.South Dakota 12.North Dakota 13.Minnesota 14. Wisconsin 15. Michigan (Go Blue!) 16. Illinois 17. Indiana 18.Ohio 19...
  3. PreuBen

    How should I EV train my timid Gastly?

    How should I EV train my timid Gastly?
  4. PreuBen

    Does anyone know where to find the pal pad in X?

    Does anyone know where to find the pal pad in X?
  5. PreuBen

    sure, if your willing to.

    sure, if your willing to.
  6. PreuBen

    Thanks for following me!

    Thanks for following me!
  7. PreuBen

    CoroCoro Leaks: Three New Mega Pokémon Revealed

    Out of the bunch I think that Mega Kangaskhan has the laziest design, in my opinion. I mean, only taking the baby Kangaskhan out of its mother's pouch seems lazy, but I do get what they were thinking with the double attack in battle. But overall, I do think that the designs are interesting and...
  8. PreuBen

    Pokemon ABCs Game

  9. PreuBen

    General Gen 6 Fairy-Type

    If there is a Fairy type gym, which is more than likely to happen, I think that it would be the funniest thing in the world if the whole gym was filled with large, terrifying men, and when you begin a battle with one of them they say something to you like "Do you even lift, bro?" If this was...
  10. PreuBen

    Mega Blaziken

    When I first saw this I really didn't know what to think, but now that I've warmed up to it a little more I really do LOVE the design. Also, I'm gonna name it Jackie Chan!!!
  11. PreuBen

    Peroriimu And Furefuran English Names Revealed

    I'm afraid that if I get a Slurpuff, I'll just eat it!
  12. PreuBen

    Mega Charizard X

    Yes I know that Fire resists Fairy, but Fairy also resists Dragon so the odds of Charizard X being a great opponent against a Fairy Pokémon is very unlikely.
  13. PreuBen

    Mega Charizard X

    Overall I do really like the design and it will definitely make me think twice about which Kanto starter I'll be choosing. I just think that it was a little too much. Now I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the new Charizard design. Also, I got the impression that they changed...
  14. PreuBen

    Favourite Gen 6 Starter!

    I think Fennekin is the cutest little thing on the planet so I'm sticking with my original choice of picking it. :3
  15. PreuBen

    X/Y Character Customisation

    I know for a fact that we can change our socks! Freaking socks! I know for sure that I'm probably going to be spending more time customizing my character rather than playing the game.
  16. PreuBen

    #654 - Braixen

    Ha Ha!! Braise is another good possibility for the 'Brai' part of Braixens name. I never thought of that! Also, FIRE FOR THE WIN!! I'm definitely going to choose Fennekin as my starter and, me being the weird person I am, am going to name it Ylvis, after Ylvis: The Fox, whether it be a boy or girl.
  17. PreuBen

    #654 - Braixen

    In my opinion, I think that Braixen is a very... unique starter Pokémon. I also think that its name is a mix between branch and vixen. Branch being, of course, for the branch in its tail and vixen being a name for a female fox, as it looks very feminine.
  18. PreuBen

    Which real-life place would you like a future Pokémon region to be based on?

    Also true, but some parts of Unova are very different from New York entirely. There are mountains in Unova but not in New York. Although, the Appellation Mountains are near New York (state) they are not in it. I appreciate that you corrected me though. I will remember that next time. :)
  19. PreuBen

    Hello, and welcome to Pokecharms!

    Hello, and welcome to Pokecharms!
  20. PreuBen

    Which real-life place would you like a future Pokémon region to be based on?

    I think this is an interesting topic to ponder over. I really like the idea of Scandinavia or New Zealand (it is f*cking beautiful), but maybe just Australia and the Oceania in general. It would give tons of great places for new Pokémon to live, plus think about it.... Antarctica! Wouldn't...