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  1. Toastie

    Pokémon Bank Release Delayed

    I got a Wii U this Christmas, and I am SO glad that I didn't solely rely on a bundled code. If I had, I would have had a console and no games to play. It's irritating that Pokémon Bank is delayed, but hopefully the eShop will actually be usable now and the delay won't be too significant.
  2. Toastie

    Pokémon Bank Release Date: December 27th

    Unfortunately, there may have to be a delay on Pokémon Bank internationally, because if a combination of Christmas and its Japanese release overloaded eShop, think what the international release could do!
  3. Toastie

    Pokémon Bank Release Date: December 27th

    As far as I know, the Japanese release is working fine. It seems that the server overloads Nintendo is experiencing with the eShop are at least partly due to the influx of people trying to download Pokémon Bank, and they are hoping that temporarily removing it will reduce the strain. I'm sure...
  4. Toastie

    XY/ORAS Singles New Team with Old Pokemon

    Whenever I see a team I like to go through and evaluate how it would deal with a Pokémon that seems to be everywhere - Talonflame. As far as I can see you don't have any brilliant counters. Aegislash can deal with it, although it relies on you being very good at prediction, otherwise you'll be...
  5. Toastie

    Just traded the shiny Scraggy for a shiny Dunsparce!

    Just traded the shiny Scraggy for a shiny Dunsparce!
  6. Toastie

    Pokémon X and Y 1.2 Released on the eShop

    It would have been absolutely ridiculous if they'd carried on without encrypting the data. I'm relieved that they decided to patch this.
  7. Toastie

    Just caught a shiny Scraggy :D

    Just caught a shiny Scraggy :D
  8. Toastie

    Finally thought of a great strategy to use with Mega Banette!

    Finally thought of a great strategy to use with Mega Banette!
  9. Toastie

    CoroCoro Reveals 17th Movie Title

    I'm assuming the title is a reference to the cocoon Yveltal resides in before being revived. I wouldn't be surprised if they did something similar to the 14th movie and have two different versions for the corresponding mascots. Pokémon: The Tree of Life for Xerneas. You heard it here first.
  10. Toastie

    XY/ORAS Singles Pokebank OU Phione Team

    I completely agree. Because Florges is so commonly used almost purely for support, the opponent often won't expect a more offensive set. I was so used to support Florges sets that I was once completely swept by a Florges that I allowed two Calm Minds. Incidentally, I'd recommend Calm Mind +...
  11. Toastie

    Two New Pokémon Spin-Off Titles Revealed

    Besides, I'm sure a large portion of the fanbase doesn't even know what Hoenn is. Some fans weren't even born when R/S/E were first released, and would probably buy Rumble just as soon as buy Hoenn Remakes.
  12. Toastie

    Pokémon you've IV bred on X&Y

    I've spent quite a lot of my time on Pokémon X IV Breeding. I've really got into competitive battling this Gen, so I've constructed a team and tested it on Pokémon Showdown, IV bred the necessary Pokémon, EV trained them, and am now getting them all to Lvl. 50. As soon as I got a Ditto Friend...
  13. Toastie

    XY/ORAS Singles Competitive Team Rough Draft

    I like the idea of using Carbink. It's one of my favourite Gen VI Pokémon, and it's cool to see others having it on their team. However, it's a bit of a liability at the moment. You need Sturdy on it. If it's going to set up anything, it needs to be practically guaranteed to live at least one...
  14. Toastie

    Mega Houndoom

    I would have preferred a different ability to Solar Power, but that being said Mega Houndoom can use it very well. I have it on a Sunshine team, and, after a Nasty Plot and a Sunny Day it's pretty much unstoppable.
  15. Toastie

    XY/ORAS Singles Competitive Team Rough Draft

    Just thought I'd interject - if you're planning on using this team on Pokémon Showdown, Gengarite has been banned to Ubers, so the only way to test this team as it is will be to create it in-game and battle online.
  16. Toastie

    Pokémon TV To Show Pikachu & Eevee Friends Short

    A Pokémon short? Being dubbed? What alternate reality have I stumbled into?
  17. Toastie

    XY/ORAS Looking for a Gen6 3-4IV Eevee (Speed and Sp.Atk desired)

    Nice doing business with you! Let me know if there are any problems.
  18. Toastie

    Mr. Munchlax's X & Y Demo- The Next Evolution of Trainer Cards

    With the Gym Battle Cards, it would be pretty cool if it had Dale top left, vs in the centre and Clemont in the top right so that each name is on the 'correct side'. You could stick the 'X Wins' text in the bottom centre. Otherwise, awesome work! I might have to change my TC Banner to one of...
  19. Toastie

    XY/ORAS Looking for a Gen6 3-4IV Eevee (Speed and Sp.Atk desired)

    I've bred a Male, Mild Eevee with Perfect IVs in HP, Sp.Atk and Speed. Want me to nickname it?
  20. Toastie

    XY/ORAS Looking for a Gen6 3-4IV Eevee (Speed and Sp.Atk desired)

    I'll breed one for you now. Could I please have the Noibat in exchange? Thanks. I'll edit this post when I'm done. My 3DS FC is in my Trainer Card Banner in my signature. I'm guessing yours is on your Trainer Card?