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    The Big One-Double-Oh

    That reminds me: I've 100%ed Kirby Super star Ultra... in cooperation with Google. :P Xatu, it may be the Treasure Hunt or The Copy Power in Super Star Ultra. that's all I've got... I've kinda-sorta done the same with Final Fantasy Ten. Celestial Weapons, Sin, Capture Quest... everything but...
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    The Big One-Double-Oh

    (That's 100%, for those unable to make the connection. :P) Have you ever/tried to 100% a game? What game? How long did it take and was it worth it? Would you 100% a game again? I myself just finished 100%ing Super Metroid. I absolutely loved it. To death. All 14 Extra Energy Tanks, all 4...
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    If you were invisible...

    ...So can I or can I not interact with tangible things? Can I turn my invisibility on and off? Just invisible, completely unable to interact with mankind? I'll settle with this one. Well, I hope my need of food is gone, because if I cannot touch, feel, or interact in any way shape or form with...
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    Unown Alphabet. Is your collection complete?

    I originally got the 26 Unknown becuase I had nothing to do. Then it was useful for Defence EV Training (The increased populus of Hipopotas), but I haven't played the games in months, really, so... heh heh heh....
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    Unown Alphabet. Is your collection complete?

    On Pearl, I took the time to do it. On Platinum I didn't. I figure I do my EVing and capturing mostly on Pearl, not Platinum, so... Yeah. On Platinum I have all of... three? Yeah, three or so. -AL EDIT: =0 This... is... my 400th POST!! YEASH!
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    Laptop + ROM Hax = Much fun for me. :D Besides that, I'm now in High school (Woo...) with three advanced classes, I'm more than likely to be under five pounds of homework. Then there's Facebook with many friends. ;) -AL
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    Not exactly funny, but interesting. On Donkey Kong 64, while I was doing a Let's Play, a stalagmite fell (In Crystal Caves) and froze above the ground. It was stuck there... until I ran into it and it operated normally and destructed, hurting me. Video PROOF! Skip to 2:25 to see it. -AL
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    Accents and Languages- Just Chatting

    What's your favorite accent? what languages do/can you speak? What language classes Here, in America, we're lucky enough to have just about every accent and language available and usable to us. (BTW, I just realized: America is the international whore XD Oh, gahd!) Also, the interwebz allows...
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    So I just...

    If I have stomach flu, sleeping and watching TV is a personal favorite. Otherwise I do serious video gaming. And if I end up with a bad athsma cough like every other year? a day or two, or sometimes three off for uber-gaming, usually accompanied by internet-iering. :D Come to think of it...
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    Which System is your favorite?

    Nintendo 64 all the way. All of my favorite games are on there, and I own the majority of them. Super Mario 64, Goldeneye 007, Ocarina of Time, Donkey Kong 64... I love 'em all. :D Even Glover. -AL
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    Going Home For The Summer

    You and the half of Pokecharms concerned with this whole thing. :D I'm thinking... Game? Based on Pokecharms? Maybe a gathering of 'Charmsians? Or perhaps... Bah, I'm thinking too much. -AL
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    DPPt/HGSS Singles Dilema- The Special Wall

    I'll just merge the two, since Regice shouldn't take too much damage. Unless they switch, but then I just make ends meet. So my new 'Ice's set is... Regice@Leftovers Calm 252 SpA, 200 Def, 52 SpD -Ice Beam -Charge Beam -Rest -Thunder Wave I probably should've checked out the 'Dex page I was...
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    DPPt/HGSS Singles Dilema- The Special Wall

    I have developed my Singles team, but I'm having trouble with my Special Wall. I'm not posting the whole team, because I'd rather see how I can do with making a team by myself. But anyways, here is my Regice Special Wall: Regice- Special Wall Ice Type Ability: Clear Body Calm/ 252...
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    Your most memorable Party Members...

    Also from Paper Mario Thousand Year Door is Goombella and Bobbery. Goombella is just funny, and Bobbery... well, he's a Bomb-Omb. An old-time, sailing Bomb-Omb. I dunno, I just like him. -AL
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    Member Card coming to North America WFC

    Would using, say, an internet cafe's Wi-Fi work? Mine's not hooked up yet. >.> -AL
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    The Stupidity of Videogames

    Flippin' Chansey game. X0 I play the GCN James Bond games a lot (007: Nightfire FTW) and sometimes, when the game is set to random, you start with Satchel Charges. When in a faceoff with somebody, the computers, unable to become harder, lay down a Satchel Charge at their feet, and STAY THERE...
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    If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be?

    Eddie Izzard: My favorite comedian EVAR! Dane Cook: My second favorite comedian EVAR! Chuck Norris: Why? Because I flippin' can! -AL
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    Pets- because humans just don't cut it sometimes.

    I'm alergic to many animals, but not Shi-tzus among other breeds. It may seem very... girlish? But I really do love the two dogs, Jack and Mojo. I comsider them as two more of my family members (Oh, God... there's more of them!) and they both have at least one tale to tell. Jack was the first...
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    The Mysteries of Pokemon

    How does Rayquaza fly? I want to answer it, but I don't know how he does. -AL
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    Cospirators Say- 4th Generation is the LAST GENERATION- Opinions

    The one thing that all conspirators must think of is: If all of Pokecharms (Ranging in age from 10 to... probably 30 or so) come up with multiple storylines, how could Nintendo not? I, at age thriteen, can come up with and agree with multiple possible work-off ofs. I have invented 70+ Pokemon...