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    Dark Horizons

    ((sok... meh, tired, ill post later))
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    Explain Your Trainer Card

    well, all four of mine are basically the same card, just different badge sets. It's not my usual, team, but it's one I used as a dare from a friend while running through Crystal for the 20th time, he dared me to go through it with no legendary Pokémon, so I did. and because of the rules in these...
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    Things you would like to see happen in the Pokemon anime.

    may I point out that canonically, at least as far as the games are concerned, ash and gary ARE the same age, as evidenced by Oaks mention "This is my grandson, he has been your rival since you both were babies" which is a STRONG implication that Ash and Gary are at least close in age. Not to...
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    The Random PokePoll Topic (61): Still watch the Anime?

    I'll go with Gallade, personally cuz it looks cool
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    Seven Greatest Wonders... of pokemon!

    yeah, it would be interesting to see, though... every other metronome user uses fingers or in togepi's case, its whole hand. BTW, That is the all time best monty python sketch, IMO, either that, or every sperm is sacred... or the lumberjack song... or the argument clinic... god, there are just...
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    Seven Greatest Wonders... of pokemon!

    how does Togekiss use metronome?
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    The Realm of Pixeity

    Wow, your sprites are fucking incredible (pardonnez mon francais ((yes I probably mutilated the french language there))) how long did those take you? And in PAINT? I cant even do nearly that good on my AV edits for gaia, and those arent NEARY as hard as sprite work
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    Why is the Pokemon anime getting unpopular?

    I couldn't stomach watching it after the end of Johto. and I LOVE crappy cartoons(what? they're funny!). Enough said.
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    Anyone else notice

    the big notice on the front page of the site?
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    DPPt/HGSS Can my team beat Fire Red's E4?

    meh, im an obsessive rpg player honestly i hate the way they force you to follow a guide of how fast you can level up, cuz personally, I'd pull what I do in FFVII and be level 20 before I reach Brock
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    Cinders' Spazzes

    right, well, as I said, it was just a thought, it does look really awesome, though
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    DPPt/HGSS Can my team beat Fire Red's E4?

    as long as you arent going to get KO'd by a single attack or two, that is, after all, if you cant stop healing long enough to make an attack, there's no way you can win
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    daxx0r's drawings

    That is awesome, The shading and colors are very well done, and considering Reiu's post is one all it's own, even more a testament to your skills as an artist, keep up the good work
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    The Random PokePoll Topic (61): Still watch the Anime?

    you know, I never thought about that....
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    Shinies: First ever, ones you want, have seen, or own

    damn, and I was hoping they had figured out a way to trade from the older games to D/P
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    Your Favourite Pokemon

    My personal fav is Suicune, Mainly because I just love the way it looks, especially its AC form in gen II, followed closely by Umbreon, because I love the Eevee line, and Umbreon, being a Dark type, is clearly the coolest Eeveeloution.
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    The Random PokePoll Topic (61): Still watch the Anime?

    I'm gonna go with Togekiss, it does bug me a little, but I love Metronome, so anything that can lear metronome is gonna do it for me
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    Pokemon Unown Adventures

    Nice, I enjoyed it alot
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    Teh Drawings of Firefox

    those are awesome. seriously, you have a lot of talent