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    Kiri's Artworks(Or, insert awesome title here.)

    I may have Photoshop Elements 3 included with my tablet, but I had never used it for these kinds of drawings yet(I will be making a comic in the summertime). So I go to Smeargle's Canvas to draw on the Oekakis there. I mainly use Paint BBS. What I call quick is less than an hour spent on a...
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    Kiri's Artworks(Or, insert awesome title here.)

    The two in my first post was mouse-drawn. Since I got my new tablet for christmas, the ones posted after that are from my tablet.
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    Kiri's Artworks(Or, insert awesome title here.)

    -^~^- I'm glad you like them. Here is a picture of my roleplay character Mi-chan Hana Kiri.
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    Shinies: First ever, ones you want, have seen, or own

    I had a Shiny Wingull before, but I traded it away to a friend that's not my friend anymore.
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    Fears and phobias

    I fear heights, falling(even if I'm already standing on firm ground), and loop-de-loops on roller-coasters. I also fear getting stuck upside-down on a roller-coaster.
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    Mainstream PRP Character Bios

    Name: Mi-chan Hana Kiri (Kiri) Gender: Female Hometown: Lilycove City, Hoenn Age: 14 Height & Build: 4'3" and petite. Far more little girl-esque than full-bodied teenager. Weight: None of your business. Hair & Details: Bright Aquamarine in color, tied in two strawberry colored elastics in low...
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    Old drawings I, well, drew.

    Well, I kinda liked the last one's color combination. Valecia, is it? It looks like a stuffed animal with a grabby claw for a tail. -^~^- Weird, but I like it.
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    Kiri's Artworks(Or, insert awesome title here.)

    Here's another pic I drew today. Tis' a quick picture of a Ralts. Enjoy!
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    Your Favourite Pokemon

    Woo, I have a ton of favorites... But if I have to choose one, I have the softest spot for Kirlia and her evolution line(minus Gallade. He's not cute enough. But he is cool.) Some of my runners up are on my card, and some are not. Deal with it.
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    Explain Your Trainer Card

    Here's something I just recently made: This card is of my Coordinator, Kiri. Full name, Mi-chan Hana Kiri. Kirlia is her favorite pokemon, and it is her main. The pokemon that she uses for appeals mainly are Poochama*, Skitty, Cherimu* and Beequeen*. Her powerhouses are Flygon and Milotic...
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    The Random PokePoll Topic (61): Still watch the Anime?

    I like Froslass because I always wanted a freaky snow banshee. Although, the Kirlia line will always be my favorite(and Gallade is obviously stronger), personally this is my opinion: Gardevoir>Gallade as a male(What, I'm a sucker for the dresses). But I will keep one[Gallade] on my team akin to...
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    Kiri's Artworks(Or, insert awesome title here.)

    I am an artist(or a poor beggar, whichever you choose) and I come here to share my artworks with you. ^w^ I like to draw pokemon. Especially the cute ones. My art medium is digital art.(Click to enlargen) These are only a couple of my computer works, but they are my favorites. More to come...