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  1. Galaxias Nymphia

    Legendary Pokemon Personality Test

    I'm Mew, calm and can read people's auras. Well now.
  2. Galaxias Nymphia

    The Person Below Me

    What on earth is a Pine Marten..? The person belows me knows the #1 answer to Google Feud's "life is" question.
  3. Galaxias Nymphia

    Loving everything about Latias.

    Loving everything about Latias.
  4. Galaxias Nymphia

    Open Pokepark RP: Wishes Granted (*NEW AND TRYING TO NOT BREAK RULES NOW!)

    ((Hi, this is OOC.)) Name: Kristina Species: Mandibuzz Moveset: Move 1: Brave Bird Move 2: Roost Move 3: Foul Play Move 4: Defog Backstory: Kristina is a Mandibuzz that evolved from a flightless Vullaby when it fell off a cliff. Scientists are still trying to decipher what caused the...
  5. Galaxias Nymphia

    XY/ORAS Singles My Personal OU Team

    Not really anything too special, but I feel I'd post it here anyway. Hey, maybe someone will learn from it. Discomfort (Talonflame) @ Life Orb Ability: Gale Wings Shiny: Yes EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Brave Bird - Flare Blitz - Roost - Bulk Up Breloom @ Focus Sash...
  6. Galaxias Nymphia

    Open Possible RP- Neko School/World?

    Did someone say "cat human" RP? Let me just...casually pop in. Name: Vivian Age: 20 Gender: Female Hair Colour: Blue as the sea~ Eye Colour: Chocolate brown Ear Colour: White. because white goes well with everything. Tail Colour: Black. because black goes well with everything. Cat Form: A...
  7. Galaxias Nymphia

    Open Pokemon: A Summer's Break DISCUSSION THREAD

    Species: Ampharos Name: Shuffle Gender: Female Trainer: Lilly Felici, Mega Evolution Professor's daughter. Ability: Plus! Notable Features: It's a shiny Pokemon, and it has an Ampharosite in a necklace. Personality: Mischievous, sweet, valiant. All that 'hero' stuff. Past: Shuffle was just...
  8. Galaxias Nymphia

    Post Your Trainer Card

    Here's one newbie me made. It's based on one of my actual competitive teams.
  9. Galaxias Nymphia

    New Member Introductions

    I'm Galaxias Nymphia, a name I got from a O.C I had on another forum. Yes, I am an avid roleplayer, and while English is not my native language, I still make an effort to learn it. I'm also a fan of Overwatch, and if anyone's interested, I play Zenyatta, D'va and Reinhardt. I've loved Pokemon...