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  1. Artemis


    Re: Websites The only ones I go on are Tumblr, Twitter and Youtube.
  2. Artemis

    What kind of people do you hang out with in school

    I hang out with "the best people you"ll ever meet" ;). I am pretty shy and awkward but I can get along with anyone.I like the kind of people who dont care of what others think. I love to be able to act werid and not be judged. I am not "popular" but I am not "unpopular". I can get along with...
  3. Artemis


    I dont remember much of my dreams anymore. I dont have much nightmare, as oddly as this sounds I miss nightmares. The recent one from my favourite show Ghost Adventures. I was on an investigation with them and randomly ened up at my house. The lead investigator Zak Bagans, became possessed...
  4. Artemis

    What are you playing?

    Oddly I havent been playing much. I just started a new game in HG. World Of Warcraft Dead Space
  5. Artemis

    Pictures, please ~

    I am so awkward and cant smile for pictures Old pic, but I love this hat I just love this so much, lol I forgot I had it
  6. Artemis

    What are you listening to - Right Now

    The Cave by Mumford and Sons
  7. Artemis

    Official Shiny Pokemon Thread

    Unfortnatly in all the years I have played Pokemon, I have never came across my own shiny. But my brother gave me my first shiny not so long ago. It was a shiny Teddiursa.
  8. Artemis

    best champion

    My personal favourite are either Blue or Lance. Blue, do I really have to explain his badassness? Idk why I like Lance, when I was younger whenever I would battle him I would pretend my blankie was a cape o.o
  9. Artemis

    Top Six Pokemon

    My "Dream Team" changes a lot but this way has been stable for a while now 1. Espeon- she would be my best friend....cheesy as that sounds. She is just my favourite Pokemon. She is very wise 2. Scizor- He would be one of my best fighters. Has a serious personality. Sometimes he likes to play...
  10. Artemis

    Where would you live in the Pokemon World?

    Ecruteak hands down. It has been my favourite place for a while now. Its just so beautiful. If I were in Kanto then it would be Lavender Town, I would love hunt for ghosts at night in the tower.
  11. Artemis

    A "Favourite Starters!" Topic

    First Stage Water: Oshawott Fire: Charmander Grass: Bulbasaur Overall: Bulbasaur Second Stage Water: Wartotle Fire: Quilava Grass: Bayleaf Overall: Bayleaf Final Stage Water: Samurott Fire: Charizard Grass: Venusaur Overall: Charizard
  12. Artemis

    If you were a Pokemon

    If I could be any Pokemon, I would be Altaria. I would love to be all fluffy and be able to fly and play in the clouds. haha
  13. Artemis

    How did you discover Pokemon?

    Re: Where did you start. When I was younger I always copied what my older brother did and what he liked. It was because of him that I started to like Pokemon. I was probably around 5 at the time. We went to some auction and they had 2 copies of Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Yellow guide book thingy...
  14. Artemis

    Your favourite Pokemon

    Re: Your favourite Pokemon My favourite is Espeon, hands down. I remember when I first saw it in a second gen sticker book that my brother got in a book order and saw Espeon. I remember I thought that it was a "Light' type xD. I also remember thinking that it looked like Luna from Sailor Moon...
  15. Artemis

    Sinnohs of our Fathers! Back online, everybody! Sign up now!

    Sounds exciting You know who I am rooting for! Btw I might be going to sleep though soon but i might not so keep the battles coming!
  16. Artemis

    Reia's {Pokemon} Sprites ~BEWARE OF RANDOMNESS!~

    Thanks I wanna try some spriting myself now. I have a wierd suggestion but how about a MewPuff (MewTwo and Jiggly Puff.)
  17. Artemis

    Pokemon Wall of Shame

    I think your right there....without the nose it looks like well im not going there.
  18. Artemis

    Sinnohs of our Fathers! Back online, everybody! Sign up now!

    O.K. I will be on for a long while hopefully so I should be able to reply sorry if I can't.
  19. Artemis

    Sinnohs of our Fathers! Back online, everybody! Sign up now!

    "10 minutes until the tournement starts! Odds on one side even on the other!" yelled a woman by the statues. "Wellthat is my que," said Sebastian lowly to himself,"I hope i win those trophies! I could really use them as presents for my parents." As he lined up he saw two trainers who...
  20. Artemis

    The Random PokePoll Topic (61): Still watch the Anime?

    I picked Azurill because im not a fan of water types. On another note do you have to capture all 28 Unowns to have the legendary dog released or just beat the Elite 4?