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    aRX'S aRT Thread...

    Wow...I knew you were amazing at drawing original Pokemon, but I guess you're amazing at drawing people (and costumes/clothing), too. I'm glad I rediscovered this site and all the art threads. :) I have to say, my favorite of the revealed people so far is Sami/Pixeity. You really made her look...
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    My Pokemons! Let me show you them.. :D

    Wow, I'm in love with your art style! :) And Doctor Oak is right about multiple things - one of which (that hasn't been reiterated yet) is that Pokecharms seems to attract all these talented artists. For something that doesn't advertise as an art board, that's kind of impressive. My favorites...
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    Flames/Hate mail?

    I'm happy. Today I just got my first piece of hate mail! :D And what's better - I got it off Facebook (Honesty Box - I forgot I even added that application until now), so it's probably somebody I know who goes to my school! Background info - I've been writing a lot recently (original novel...
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    The Realm of Pixeity

    Love the new sprites, Spriteon/Pixelchu/Pixeity. The new persona is really great - I like the concept and design more then pixelchu. It just seems more like you, more creative and...cute...and grey? I dunno. But it's really cute! And I agree that the shading seems more up-to-date than the...
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    What's your opinion on Diamond/Pearl's music?

    Still haven't gotten past Zui Town (dunno what it's called in English, since I'm still farther in Japanese - it's the breeding/unown town, though), but I must say, the music is pretty good. I'm usually pretty sensitive to background music (certain movies I hate because of the music), but the...
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    D & P to Johto?!

    I know I already said my opinion on the whole thing, but I just wanna say one thing - Names, people. They're gonna be Japanese. Things like "glistening", "polished", and maybe even "shiny" are all English words that may not be in a typical Japanese vocabulary. "Gurisenningu" would be a pain to...
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    Teh Drawings of Firefox

    Teehee. The second one...that seems like something you would do. Or I would do. Plus, they're all well-drawn...
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    Teh Drawings of Firefox

    They're all pretty nice, and it's good to see you drawing again. The first two are wonderful, and the third is really cute! Good job! *totally dry for comments today...*
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    The Realm of Pixeity

    Oooooh, you're going to use Silver version sprites? That sounds pretty cool. I look forward to it - it'll be like a pleasant blast from the past (or something - deja vu? Dunno, I need a better term for it).
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    Origin of your screen name(s)?

    Actually, "kaze" is pronounced like "kah-zay", if you're sticking to the Japanese pronounciation. And "Uindo" is just "wind" put through Japanese katakana and then back to literal Romaji. There is no "wi" sound, so you put "u" ("ooh") then "i" ("ee") to get something very close. Then "n" for...
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    aRX'S aRT Thread...

    Wow...your designs continue to amaze. They're all super detailed, very original, and very well designed. I have to say...if I had to pick a few favorites, I'd pick the Kentarok line, the Vlademere line, and the Monocel line. I love their designs and 'dex entries so much! And they're all so well...
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    The Realm of Pixeity

    Ohmigosh, I live the Pixelchu. It is awesome. I shall draw it for you, as compensation for the original picture not being done yet (aaaaah, July was a horrible month for me). I'm so backed up on replies to your wunnerful sprites. Bad Persian. :< *headkeyboard* Alright...the Nibbles pixelart...
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    Teh Drawings of Firefox

    Yeah, the second one is a bit anatomically weird. It's okay, but the Kirby is better. It's cute. :) The first one is awesome, though. I love the clothes, the proportions, the expression, the details...15-20 minutes? Even more amazing. So yeah. The first one sort of banishes the second one into...
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    The Random PokePoll Topic (61): Still watch the Anime?

    Gonna have to say May. Why? I've never seen Dawn...I stopped getting cable a few months before the new season started, and stopped watching the show long before then. Eheh...
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    The Realm of Pixeity

    Teehee, the "pawnz" series is adorable. :D Are they derived from any existing pawn-like idea, or did you make up the style yourself? Either way, they're both so cute, I shall steal them to make a chess set. The cutest chess set in the world! And that way, my opponents shall be so overwhelmed by...
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    StellarWind's Sketches

    Nice. I love your rendition of Sableye. :) But is the perspective one falling or leaping? I can't tell if it's doing it on purpose... I really like the ear-things, and how the diamonds jut out of the shoulderblades. It's very...cool...(I need a better adjective)
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    The Realm of Pixeity

    Aw, Spriteon, sorry to hear life is getting tough. I know the feeling. :/ *pats on the back* On the other side, congrats on hitting ten pages in the thread! So many posts, so many wonderful sprites...you should feel proud of yourself for contributing such pretty pixels. I think all your recent...
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    Sequel's Super Special Sprite Show (Now with 5 S's in the name!) Requests closed

    All of these sprites are wonderful, but the one I love to death is the Salamence/Slowpoke fusion. That seriously made my day...goofy-looking, fat, yet believable. I love it. I can't wait to see more! :)
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    The Stuff of Persian

    Yeah, I do have a link. It's a really nice tutorial, as even an idiot (like me) can follow it and get the result! Go here: http://www.bluesfear.com/submittuts/ps/2/ And I have some more pictures, to stay on topic. ^_^;; I have a lot in my DeviantArt account, but here are a few I'd like to put...
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    D & P to Johto?!

    That, and the GBA is worse than DS, system-wise. The games would have a lot of unnecessary limits...besides, why would they reincarnate the third generation when we've had the fourth generation for over a year? If they make a Johto remake, it will either be on the DS, or the next system. That...