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  1. Charizardlover

    What do you consider most in a Pokemon Battle, the Offense or the Defense?

    Generally I prefer having both on my team. I used to be a completely offensive person, until the day I discovered... reflect+light screen+ stealth rock combo. Then I started appreciating defensive types and got myself a Blissey, who is now an invaluable member of my team.
  2. Charizardlover

    Will Ash's story ever come to a conclusion?

    I highly doubt it. Ash would just go travelling to whatever new region popped out with a random chick. Until the whole show gets so predictable that kids would start losing interest. I, however, shall never be one of those kids...
  3. Charizardlover

    The Mary Sue Test

    I cannot believe myself. Only one point. Is that even possible??
  4. Charizardlover

    Your favourite Pokemon

    I have many that i like, but my all-time fav has to be charizard. Completely obsessed with it and i collect everything charizard related. Even if its charmander or charmeleon, in it goes to my pokemon collection. You just gotta love charizard.(I understand if you tried to beat tucker's...
  5. Charizardlover

    Life of a charmander(story)

    Here ya go, a story of an insane charmander. Hasn't totally lost it, but in time to come, who knows..... Please comment, whether its praise or critic or whatever, JUST COMMENT!!! I gotta know what you think.:) Don't hold yourself back. I take constructive criticism well. Chapter 1: I run away...
  6. Charizardlover

    Killing off your characters

    I just can't find the heart to kill off any of my characters, even the evil ones. Maybe they just disappear or whatnot before miraculously coming back, but never dying. Unless it really is necessary. But killing any of them kills me(not literally). But my bad guys don't die(yet. i hv someone in...
  7. Charizardlover

    Origin of your screen name(s)?

    Charmander was the first ever in-game pokemon i ever had, so i'm obsessed with charmander, charmeleon and charizard......but it was charizard that really stuck cos the pokemon was in charizard form the longest. So every account at a pokemon website i made has something to do with charizard.:D...
  8. Charizardlover

    The Oddest Things in the Pokemon World

    There are absolutely tons of weird things. Example, how the heck is it possible to stuff pokemon in a computer? That would be like turning them into data and sticking them in. Another thing, why don't we ever see pokemon dying in the game? Sure there are graveyards and such like in lavender town...
  9. Charizardlover

    too obsessed with pokemon!?

    I'm definitely obsessed. Things i've done: 1)Played all the games 2)Trying to collect every card and figurine in existence 3)Read every issue of 'Pokemon adventures' 4)Do random drawings in sch of pokemon...mostly charizard and mudkip. 5)Go youtube checking tactics and such 6)Carry the...