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  1. Mystic_Suicune

    Black or White?

    I'm getting Pokemon Black and whatever the third version is. If you wanna know why I'm getting Black, look at my sig.
  2. Mystic_Suicune

    Drink(s) of choice

    I have a few, simply because I just like them. In order from most drank to least: Water, Dr. Pepper, Milk, Sobe Life Water (preferably Strawberry Dragonfruit), Root Beer, and Orange Soda. I have no idea if shakes count as "drinks". But I love any kind of shake, save for "coffee" shakes. I hate...
  3. Mystic_Suicune

    Pictures, please ~

  4. Mystic_Suicune

    Post Your Desktop!

    Have I mentioned I like Ashely Greene? Even more so than Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Rihanna. And that's saying something, too. I wish all four of them could meet and take a pic together with fiancee. I'd be in heaven!
  5. Mystic_Suicune

    New Pokeballs

    Balls for each Type would be a great idea! Here's just one I had: Disadvantage Ball- Now, I thought of two ways this could work, but I don't know which sounds better: If your Pokemon has the Type disadvantage, the D-Ball would have a better capture rate. Idea two- The D-ball helps the captured...
  6. Mystic_Suicune

    OC Image Songs~

    Well, I've been working on a story called Lyricality. Here's my 3 fave out of characters with their image songs Cadence- Tourniquet Static- Another Me Professor- When Worlds Collide
  7. Mystic_Suicune

    Youtube Thread

    Take a good hard look, cause it's Gary Fucking Oak!
  8. Mystic_Suicune

    Youtube Thread

    If you never had McDonald's, heck, well dude you should It has a meaning now that I actually work at McDonald's.
  9. Mystic_Suicune

    Justin Bieber

    I hate him, but I don't think he deserves death. If a person seriously hates someone that bad (I joke about celebs like that, but I don't mean it), they need some counsling.
  10. Mystic_Suicune


    Thanks, Andrew. My first day was yesterday, and it went great. Woulda been better if I hadn't hit my head on the handle of the ice cream machine :P
  11. Mystic_Suicune

    Justin Bieber

    I faved a stamp on dA that says "Beiber Fever?! I'd rather have the SWINE FLU!" So, what does that tell you?
  12. Mystic_Suicune

    Youtube Thread

    Pokemonfreak, I laughed so hard my sides hurt. "KARMAAAAAAA!" lol Camoflauged Oompa Loompas
  13. Mystic_Suicune

    Youtube Thread

  14. Mystic_Suicune

    Post Your Desktop!

    That's Ashley Greene. If its breaking any rules (since it's body paint, so IDK) I'll put it in a link
  15. Mystic_Suicune

    What are you listening to - Right Now

    Do You Remember by Jay Sean ft Sean Paul and Lil John
  16. Mystic_Suicune


    Yeah, Midnight. I know what it is. I live in Wyoming now, where there aren't any water parks. I forgot to post what I wanted to do for a career. I'm going to be a Journalist. I'm either going with reviews or photography.
  17. Mystic_Suicune

    Chad's Bandwagon Thread (AKA sigs :'D)

    Name: Mystic Subject: http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e172/ ... raiya7.jpg However you can crop it. Text: Pretty damn honorable... Colors/Extras: maybe a swampy sorta background.
  18. Mystic_Suicune


    Chadwyck gets a high five for the V quote "You know gas is expensive when you got street gangs doin' walk-bys"- Larry the Cable Guy
  19. Mystic_Suicune


    I'm not afraid of heights.....just afraid of falling from them. So, that leads to my fear of flying. I know a car crash is more likely to happen then some freak accident with the plane, but, still. I'm also deathly afriad of going blind. If I lost my sight, I don't know what I'd do. Not being...
  20. Mystic_Suicune


    I had an interview with McDonald's today. And guess what? I have orientation on Tuesday. Finally, I have a job. After three years of searching and interviews where I wound up not getting the job, I have a job!