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    This is the end for you, Harry Potter... (Potential spoilers)

    I am a high schooler, and I love these books! I agree, the movies do suck, but I buy them anyway... I was really mad when she killed of Sirius. He was my favorite character....While it fit in with Harry's development, she could have at least given him a decent death other than 'he fell behind...
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    Origin of your screen name(s)?

    The story behind my name? not that interesting.... I fell in love with anime, and I was watching quite a bit of it, thoug hit did not afect my usernames. then one day, a few years back, some nOOb didn't like my name on neopets (yes yes, we've all been there >_>)) and turned it in to get me...
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    Life is a Masquearade

    For the most part, normal rules. However, if you must cuss, please censor it. My characters are the Queen, Aliendria/Phoenix For your reference: the three Kingdoms- Azuel Amarillo Rojo magics: fire water earth air spirit (healing) creatures: horses dogs birds cats fish unicorns dragons etc...
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    A Great Sadness in Her Heart

    Turani wondered slightly why he did not wish to give his last name, but she did not dwell on the thoughts. Instead, she thought about how she should get home. Blaze came up beside her, and knelt down. "MY suggestion would be that you should get on my back and make him walk alongside so you don't...
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    A Great Sadness in Her Heart

    ooc: no prob, lol Turani gasped when the giant avian came out of the sky, but did not scream. She saw the man on the back before it lifted her up. When they landed, she eased off her boot and immediately began trying to wrap up her ankle. Blaze came trotting that way,nickering. "I told you that...
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    A Great Sadness in Her Heart

    ooc: it said in my post that Flamecry was a small gym. While not many people know of it, they would accept their badges at IP even though they weren't really official. Turani frowned at what happened. "And just what was that thing?" Before she could get her answer, she heard the rumble. "not...
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    A Great Sadness in Her Heart

    ooc: Kanto... Turani paused, hearing the soft hum on the edge of the ranch. "...It better not be those hustlers that got the Taurus ranch..." She whistled Blaze over, and used the fence to help herself mount. "atta girl. C'mon." They trotted that way, undeterred by the strange blue and then...
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    Random poems, songs, etc

    Care, a song I lie inside myself in the darkness Wondering why My life must be like this Do you not see me? Do you not hear me? Or do you not even Care? I'm running, falling, breaking, bleeding Do you not see? I'm calling, crying, screaming, pleading do you not hear? I'm running in the...
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    Cinders' Spazzes

    O_O I am...in shock...at the awesomness.....
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    My Works

    Erin ============================= Katana ============================= Black Comet
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    A Great Sadness in Her Heart

    ooc: second attempt. the first was really good, and the darn thing timed out...so I'm starting from scratch. She sat on the fence of the eastern pasture, her long violet hair blowing in the gentle breeze. Her green eyes were shaded over, hidden beneath the rim of her cowgirl hat. Her denime...
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    Mainstream PRP Character Bios

    Name: Turani Nekane Gender:Female Age: 19 Height: average build: lean but muscular, pretty in a natural way (she hates makeup) Hair: violet Eyes: green Clothing: jeans and a t-shirt, and occasionally she wears a cow girl hat. There are always six pokeballs around her waist, and a Ponyta...