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  1. 00wolf

    Pokemon Wall of Fame

    The first Pokemon Movie when all the Pokemon clones were fighting each other and Ash was turned to stone by Mew and Mewtwo. Then Pikachu tries to wake Ash by electrocuting him. When you first watched it you couldn't help but crying.
  2. 00wolf

    Pokemon Wall of Fame

    Basically the fact that I can have all the Pokemon in one game and now that it is wireless it makes trading and battling simple and fun.
  3. 00wolf

    Pokemon VS Reality

    I'm a high school freshman as well and I openly play and talk about Pokemon in public. If people find it weird that I still like it, then that's their own business and I really don't care what they think. I have many friends in school that find Pokemon fun and enjoyable and many even play it...
  4. 00wolf

    00wolf's Sprite Thread

    nope You got Magmar right though.
  5. 00wolf

    00wolf's Sprite Thread

    Lol, crazy and freaky is how I roll. By the way try and guess the pokemon it's made out of.
  6. 00wolf

    Maxed Out!

    In the R/B/Y games i have to many to count basically all my pokemon were level hundred My Pokemon Red version is my prize achievment in pokemon I have all the pokemon and Mew Now in Gold i have a 100 Ho-ho and Lugia, plus a Lvl 100 Feraligatr and a Lvl 93 Shiny Gyarados In Emerald I have a Lvl...
  7. 00wolf

    The Insane Asylum (Updated 12-29-08)

    Very nice comics They're so overse and witty i can't wait for the next edition
  8. 00wolf

    The best of the best.....

    Well, he built that palace of his and lured a bunch of trainers to battle with him claiming to be the best.
  9. 00wolf

    StellarWind's Sketches

    Very nice drawings I love how you give pokemon a "real life" aspect to them Good job, keep it up
  10. 00wolf

    The best of the best.....

    Beauty-It's so stunning and alluring. Toughness- Have you ever seen Pokémon The Movie 2000? Intelligence- It can talk and it tried to destroy the entire world so it could live with its clone pokemon. Coolness- Just look how awesome this pokemon looks. Cuteness- Awwwwww, how can you resest a face...
  11. 00wolf

    00wolf's Sprite Thread

    And here are the legendary color switches I think i got the color values right...
  12. 00wolf

    00wolf's Sprite Thread

    here's the original http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa126.png and a devamp
  13. 00wolf

    00wolf's Sprite Thread

    K here's a re-color and an animation I'm working on a fusion right now and may have it done by tomorrow
  14. 00wolf

    Who Is Ash's most powerful Rival?

    Gary Oak by far. Gary has always been a step ahead of Ash and always will be. He's his all time rival, No matter where Ash has been Gary has been there and done that first. All though Ash is the better trainer.
  15. 00wolf

    What Could the Next Pokemon Generation be Called?

    If another game was to be made it would have to be named after a certain pokemon in the game. For example Red/ Charizard, Blue/ Blastoise, Yellow/ Pikachu, Gold/ Ho-ho, Silver/ Lugia etc. The next pokemon versions made either before or after the G/S remakes should be called Jade and Opal I think...
  16. 00wolf

    Create Your Own Trainer Card.... Trainer!

    I have one to submit it's 33 x 69
  17. 00wolf

    00wolf's Sprite Thread

    Here's my second trainer done from scratch no reference material or anything ;) made in MS paint and transparency done in Gimp I still need some improvement and a recolor with paler skin
  18. 00wolf

    Dragonman's Sprites

    I love your pokemon edits ecspecialy the Kingdom Hearts one It's awesome ;) and they have made one, Shaymin.
  19. 00wolf

    aRX'S aRT Thread...

    They are very good drawlings ......heck they're awesome, except that the look kinda over detailed ( not that it's a bad thing ) I like the middle right one, a lot You should give them names
  20. 00wolf

    Pokemon Kareokemon (sp), Pikachu's Jukebox, and the Pokerap

    When I first saw that episode I cried ( The song didn't help ) It was the only anime that has ever made me cry to date