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  1. MoonStruckDragonLass

    The Pokecharms Chronicles....

    'which one' LULZ priceless. I love it. Tipple. Dear lord Tipple. And his mini-modding and his arrogance. And his constant *yawn* ing. And his random tendancy to say the exact right thing to set people off. . . . . . . Excellent work Nem. You need a hobby. Unless this is your hobby. Then...
  2. MoonStruckDragonLass

    DPPt/HGSS The Pokemon Auction Thread!

    I BID A SEMI RETARDED ZUBAT WITH AN ODD KEYSTONE AND MY UNENDING EVERLASTING ETERNAL LOVE FOR ALL THINGS RUKO KITTEH RELATED! Or maybe with like, a plate of some sort. :B . . .you have to keep the retarded Zubat in a seperate box. The other pokemon don't like the drool getting on them. :3
  3. MoonStruckDragonLass

    Crush a wish!

    Granted, your apartment is now in a government controlled 'clean' area, and will be destroyed to cleanse the city of the horrific epidemic. . . .I wish El loved me.
  4. MoonStruckDragonLass

    Without Love.

    I'm so addicted. More, Sem! :D I think you've inspired me to write my own. The second post seemed a little funny, the quality wasn't as high as the first two. But I like it. I like Fida. And Elvia. The girl, Tara. I read her discription and recognized it stright off. "That's Sem in RP form...
  5. MoonStruckDragonLass

    The Pokemon Fanbar Project - Show your colors!

    THANKS JEYDIS! *Loves it to death* It's perfect. I tried to find the link to the petals for you, but failed. . .I'm sorry. It;s perfect!
  6. MoonStruckDragonLass

    The Pokemon Fanbar Project - Show your colors!

    No no, Furret's ears are cream tipped. I swear. It was a furret I RP'd with a long while ago that I still love. . . I'm just requesting the third, Jeydis. ^^ Teh MoonStruck is a girl, Thanx. >:/ *grumpy*
  7. MoonStruckDragonLass

    Secret of the Aura Guardians

    [i]HAI GUIZ! IMA POSTIN' MAH RPNESS. I post this with the understanding that there are no more knights. OCC? Xavier lives in lala land. He wants to be the valiant knight, and ride in on his rapidash and save the princess. This is his one day a year to live out his dreams. My understanding is...
  8. MoonStruckDragonLass

    The Pokemon Fanbar Project - Show your colors!

    All of the admins have fan bars? Jealous. . . I so demand an MSDL fanbar. With the understanding I am the only one who will ever use it :D Score. Haha super cute bars, Jeydis! I like them. . . A tyranitar one would pwn. Super hard. . . I can haz? My poor siggy died. Dude a Kenji and Iru bar...
  9. MoonStruckDragonLass

    Sexuality (Specifically of the homo kind)

    Woah woah woah. THAT sounds a bit . . . No. I don't think being gay is something set in stone. I see it as an opinion. "I like blue better then purple. I like cats better then dogs. I like boys better then girls." You can always change. The boy in question sounds a bit. . .not gay when he says...
  10. MoonStruckDragonLass

    Pokémon RP Frontier! (The Newbie RP)

    WHY IS THIS RP STILL ALIIIIIVVVVVEEEEE?!?!?! 'kay guys, Yeah this died like ,the week after I posted it. Like most of the RP's we've attempted. No one who initially replied ever replied back :/ And then stuff happened. RPs aren't random strings of intro posts. And this is what this turned into...
  11. MoonStruckDragonLass

    A New Time, A New Take

    Sorry for the delay, life's been a bitch and I had no inspiration for this one. I'M A HEAVY METAL. *once again ponders Gad Guard spinoffs* FixeFox is an Ashlaide shipper! :x! Aidelaide looked down at the mans arm still firmly in her grasp. She wasn't exactly sure she had known she was still...
  12. MoonStruckDragonLass


    GM, did you just auto my charrie looking at your charrie? He would prolly see nothing, as his wolf eyes have faded out, and the fact your character technically can't exist. :-\ Quoting PhiyahPhoxxel on this 'un. . . "NO magic/supernatural phenomenon exist there." "It's only the Gates that...
  13. MoonStruckDragonLass

    Teh Drawings of Firefox

    lulz. *is not very feminine* I like it. But then I decided to be a Mawile. *likes making FF draw stuff* Beat them if they ask for moar Chibis. Imma steal your shading style, kthnxbai.
  14. MoonStruckDragonLass


    Mrrr, Since I'm not in the room, not much for me to do, is there? I'm going to assume we're just sepperated by a curtain. ^^ like, the nurses office isn't gonna be that big. >> usually it's just a room and half is behind a curtain. Does Bay stay shiney in human form? I dunno. Everything else...
  15. MoonStruckDragonLass

    A New Time, A New Take

    As FF would say, 'fux'. My turn. You never give me anything to work with, FF -_- *complains* Yeah bowling's been around since cavemen were news. they played it in ancient egypt and greece or whatever. true story. ". . .Bowling?" Aidelaide wasn't very fond of bowling. Or at least, she...
  16. MoonStruckDragonLass

    Mod/admin Hurt and heal!

    ~lalalala #1 Hypotenuse Man- 54 HEAL Doctor Oak- 9 HURT Pixelchu-52 Professor Cinders- 53 because I'd fear more for my life if I went after Chi then if I went after Alex. ILUTBA! >>
  17. MoonStruckDragonLass

    The Birthday thread!

    Ah! Lovely. HAPPY BIRTHDAY then, El! I hope you enjoy. ^^ All the best, ect. ect. :D ~Cheers!
  18. MoonStruckDragonLass

    A New Time, A New Take

    [i]Phirephoxxel, let me godmode for once! >< She was a RESEARCHER ALCHEMIST before she started being, like, whatever. ugh. i give up. I meant it not as a term but. . .as. . .like. . .a . . . general. . . thing for the alchemists with like, the fire. . . *Gives up* I phail at RPing. She's...
  19. MoonStruckDragonLass


    Lawlz Beyard can only see magic with his werewuffle eyez Trotting across the street to the school, Beyard realized he was late for the first class of the day. He sighed, but it didn't really matter. He'd be fine. He doubted his teacher cared. He was a good student and popular, as well...
  20. MoonStruckDragonLass

    A New Time, A New Take

    PhireFoxxel! Asher and Aidelaide would get along great, theyre both anti-social emo Alchemists! :B Aidelaide saved the trio of alchemists the trouble of squabbling over her by pulling herself up as they attempted to sort themselves out. She casually brushed herself off, put herself to rights...