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  1. Rhena

    XY/ORAS Singles Need Help For Dream Team

    I'm just starting to play competitively, so I have no clue what I'm doing. :'| I have no idea how to do this. So...I guess you guys can give me advice on how to 'perfect' my team and such. Team (1) Hoopa (Bound), level 76 Timid Magician No Item Hyperspace Hole, Psychic, Nasty Plot, Phantom...
  2. Rhena

    Do you keep your starter?

    * I Do Something Else Well, it really depends on the game. Most of the time I go through the whole game with my Starter, but recently I just try to have my dream team for that region as I go through the game (meaning I catch them and level them up while the rest go into my PC Box). So I usually...
  3. Rhena

    XY/ORAS Friend Safari To Fill PokeDex

    Well, I'm usually on 24/7 even if I'm not playing. ^^ Been playing ORAS the past few days though, so once I get the last of my Pokemon fully evolved I'll switch to X/Y for a bit for ya. Just need to find a Sun Stone...<_<
  4. Rhena

    CoroCoro Reveals Rockruff Evolution, More Ultra Beasts

    Ok....so Ash is finally going to school. Don't know how to feel about that. 0_0 Just please, don't make Ash say 'stay in school!' or some bs like that. If that happens, I'm done with the anime. Rockruff is so adorbs~ I really like the Night version, but the Day version is cute too. ^^ I feel...
  5. Rhena

    XY/ORAS Friend Safari To Fill PokeDex

    Yep. ^^ Ah, that makes sense...I guess.
  6. Rhena

    New Sun/Moon Pokémon and Ultra Beasts Revealed

    Man, Game Freak and Nintendo are really putting their all into this. ^^ I'm uber excited for the game, glad I pre-ordered it~ I hope we get to see more Alolan forms in the future, I wanna see an Alolan Squirtle! Or maybe even an Alolan Haunter.
  7. Rhena

    XY/ORAS Friend Safari To Fill PokeDex

    Nah, it's ok. At least I'll finally be able to catch Sawk! ^^ Huh. Thought I had a third one (you get a 3rd after you become Champion).
  8. Rhena

    XY/ORAS Friend Safari To Fill PokeDex

    K, I added you~ ^^ Turns out, you have Fighting type! You have Mienfoo and Sawk in your Safari.
  9. Rhena

    What was your biggest pokemon fail?

    My biggest EPIC FAIL would definitely be the time I encountered a Shiny Abra in the wild. I was using an emulator to play Emerald, and I was just going about my way after I beat the first gym. That's when I encountered the Abra, and of course it decided to teleport away. I now hate all Abras...
  10. Rhena

    XY/ORAS Friend Safari To Fill PokeDex

    I'm new to this, but I want to share my Friend Safari with you guys. ^^ And in return, you can post yours so others can use as well. I'm doing this because I wanna fill up my Pokedex, plus I only have about 6 Friend Safaris and they're mostly Fighting/Fire-types. ;_; I also don't know what's...