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    The Hurt & Heal Game: Pokemon Anime Cast Edition

    #1 Ash Ketchum (Satoshi): HP 22 HEAL Misty (Kasumi): HP 136 Tracey (Kenji): HP 96 May (Haruka): HP 42 HURT Dawn (Hikari): HP 25 Gary Oak (Shigeru): 27 Jessie (Musashi): HP 16 James (Kojiro): HP 28 Professor Oak (Ookido): HP 46
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    Most aniticipated movie?

    I second both Star Trek and Watchmen, and I'll raise you an Inglorious Basterds. I've never been much of a trekkie, but this one actually looks kickass. Plus, it's J.J. Abrahms... Actually, it's pretty much 50% Abrahms, 50% awesome looking trailer. As for watchmen, I read the graphic novel, so...
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    What Do You Do In Your Free Time?

    In no real order: Anime and television - I usually cram in at least a tv show and an anime per day. I follow a few different shows, like house, lost, battlestar galactica... and I watch whatever anime that I stumble upon that sounds interesting - currently Macross Frontier. Games - Mostly PC...
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    Have you ever met a celebrity?

    I've met quite a few Swedish tv celebrities. Stockholm's a pretty compact city, so you tend to bump into them now and then... I also met Sweden's first astronaut. He qualifies as a celebrity in my eyes :P
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    Your First Pokemon

    Charizard has been my favorite, right from the start - Actually, there's quite a few others from generation 1 that I fell in love with when I first got into pokémon - Golduck, Pidgeot, Bulbasaur... but Charizard was always my favorite... Happy New Year btw ^^
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    I return!

    Haha wow, so many people, so little time! *delivers more cake* Great to see you guys again! And good to meet you, strange new people! And don't worry El, I will frequent the chat ASAP
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    I return!

    Ah, some familiar faces! Heya guys - heh, howya been? :P
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    I return!

    Haha, thank you! Yeah, that's pretty much right - depends on your definition of "oldschool" I guess :P *opens suitcase and starts unpacking*
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    I return!

    *carefully sneaks back into charms* Wow... It's been like... one and a half - two years, maybe even? Man, I wouldn't be surprised if there's like... five people who even know who I am at this point. I feel sorta awkward coming back after just ditching you guys for so long :-[ Guess I just...
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    Teh Drawings of Firefox

    Alright... the fabled daxx0r returns from his quest to conquer the interblag. And my first priority is the fayafochs! Geez, you have improved so much it's incredible. Not that you weren't great before, but it's you've managed to polish up all of your skills to a finely tuned machine. Your poses...
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    Nothing but Golden

    The GPS shone a steady blue light across the face of Daniel Carson as he tracked his movement across the screen. Up ahead loomed the town of Azalea - his destination. He gave his Fearow one firm tap on the shoulder and indicated with two fingers pointing firmly to the west of the city, where the...
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    You know you've watched too much pokemon when...

    ...you remark to your friends about the really fat pidgeon sitting over there on the corner and accidentally say pidgey (guilty) ...you've spent five hours in photoshop making your own custom trainer card, and then print it out, laminate it and carry it with you next to your id (hehe... guilty)...
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    Vista or XP?

    Err what does the vista dilemma have to do with the office trial version? Anyway, stick with vista. I just got a new computer myself, and I am pleasantly surprised at vista. It seems stable enough, it's pure eye-candy, and there are some pretty nifty features - plus, whether you like it or not...
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    The Random PokePoll Topic (61): Still watch the Anime?

    What Sem said - Rattatta was first, so it kicks the most ass. Plus it looks slightly better XD
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    The best virus checker for your money?

    I've tried quite a few throughout the years, but AVG is the best one out there imo... Especially if you combine it with spybot S&D
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    ~*The Dream Thread*~

    I've had some really freaky dreams in my life.. But before I get to one specific dream, I should tell you about something weird that started to happen a few years ago. Since I was a kid, almost all of my dreams (almost) were nightmares. And we're talking really, really bad nightmares. I can't...
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    Every Journey Begins with the First Step

    [OOC- Mah god Firefox, sorry for the increadible delay. I've been totally swamped with stuff to do preparing college and all and this was the first time I got to write... It's not much, I know, but it moves the story forward at least] BIC- "I'm cold" The voice echoed back through the dark...
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    Every Journey Begins with the First Step

    [OOC - After an insanely long break, I'm back at the driver's seat of my computer and I'm ready to rock and roll!!! translation: here's my next post ^^] BIC - Mike slowly opened his eyes, blinked once or twice, and then tried to focus his vision. He was in a real mess this time, and it wasn't...
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    Teh Drawings of Firefox

    Dude! Awesome, totally awesome. Your best work so far. Your poses have improved really much. They look totally natural, and if I could draw hands like that, I'd be able to die happy!
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    Best/Worst Pokemon Quotes Anywhere...

    Hahaha I love that Moltres episode... XDDD And you should be happy that at least you get Cowterpie! I happened to catch that joke in Swedish, and they didn't even try to make it funny... If I were to translate it, he says "maybe it was a cow-caterpie" ...that doesn't even make sense!! anyway...