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    Shinies: First ever, ones you want, have seen, or own

    *Sigh* Well, I have no shinies. I've seen no shinies on my games except that dang given one. However, I do have a friend with a shiny umbreon and I think a shiny espeon.
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    No matter who they are, everyone desires something, be it power, peace, love or the well being of another. Several will go through whatever it takes to get their goals, but several more prefer it handed to them on a silver platter. One young man explores this concept. Having the power to get...
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    Mainstream PRP Character Bios

    Name: Nox Marcel Age: 21 Gender: Male Hometwon: Lavaridge Appearance: A stick thin young man with frizzy blonde hair. Nox wears a pair of small glasses that are always low on his nose. He carries a sturdy walking stick with him at all times. He wears desert camouflage pants and a beige...