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    The Realm of Pixeity

    Eeee! The cosplayers are so darn cute! Your spriting work is so awesome, Sami! :D
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    Ulterior Motives

    Dram stood before the massive iron gate before him, examining it. For the first time in a long while, he was actually feeling a glimmer of happiness. To his surprise and delight, he now had six powerful Pokemon and a team that was sure to be unbeatable. After winning this contest, Dram would...
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    Pokémon RP Frontier! (The Newbie RP)

    Xander Galanas had waited for this day for a very long time. Much too long, he thought. Already sixteen years old, he felt he should have become a trainer a long time ago. Overprotective parents and an accident with a trainer a few years earlier kept Xander at home, however. Now, Xander had...
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    DPPt/HGSS Free Rare-Ish Pokemon!

    Well, if you're free, I'd really like a Piplup and a Spiritomb, if you can. Whenever you're free to trade, just PM me or respond. Thank you! :D
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    Ulterior Motives

    Dram inched cautiously along the tree's branch, clinging to it for dear life. The berries were a mere few feet away, and his fingers were already grazing the luscious fruit. He inched closer...and closer...his breath slowing as breakfast was within reach... Suddenly, his laptop began to make...
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    DPPt/HGSS Sami's Trading Request - ZOMBIEFIED!

    Hey, Sami! I can breed you a Cyndaquil if you still need one. I think I'd want a Pichu egg in exchange. Let me know if you want to do this trade, and if you want the Cynda hatched or in an egg. :)
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    Most used Poketch App?

    The health checker seems to be my default, as I am constantly switching to it to make sure that, yes, all of my Pokemon are still alive and healthy.
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    Band-new member

    Superfluous! Word of the week! Stalking people! Dinosaur cakes better than other cakes! I'm right there with you! *furiously writing this all down* ^_^
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    Mainstream PRP Character Bios

    Trainer: Name: Dram Gender: Male Hometown: Unknown (Sinnoh region, most likely) Age: 20 Height: 6'1" Weight: 150 Hair: Black, of medium length. Eyes: Ice Blue Clothing: Dram's usual attire is a dark red button-up shirt, black pants, and black gloves. Build: Lean Personality: Aloof. Dram is a...
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    StarCraft II LIVES! (And it's about bloody time)

    Ah yes, the great redneck empire. I reinstalled Starcraft to go through the original campaign, and noticed that *everyone* Terran talks like a redneck. I don't know how I didn't notice that before; I guess I assumed that of course humans talk like that? >_>
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    DPPt/HGSS Manaphy Egg

    Yay, thank you! I guess you have to trade something, so, er, take good care of my level 21 Staravia. :P
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    DPPt/HGSS Manaphy Egg

    Actually, I think it's the bottom room for Wi-Fi stuff.
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    DPPt/HGSS Manaphy Egg

    Oh, well I'd be glad to be of assistance! :D I'm on Pearl right now, so would you like me to add you and go to the Union Room?
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    DPPt/HGSS Competition Ideas?

    I really like the idea of the baby/first-stage pokemon, but I have a question. Would that mean that there'd be a level cap too? I think there should be, as one can always just cancel a pokemon's evolution and level it up as high as they want, right? Maybe a level cap like 20 or so would be best...
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    DPPt/HGSS Manaphy Egg

    Are you looking for something in particular in exchange for them? I don't have much but I can see what I can rummage up...I know I'd definitely want one, as I don't have Pokemon Ranger and don't see myself picking up a copy just for a Manaphy.
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    StarCraft II LIVES! (And it's about bloody time)

    OMG, I almost went crazy when I heard Starcraft 2 announced. I soooo cannot wait for this to come out, and judging from the video, they're already pretty far along. Knowing Blizzard, though, it will take another year or so for it to come out. But at least it'll be amazing! The only downside to...
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    Your Starter - Take 3

    I chose Turtwig. I love me some grass-type pokemon (even though I chose Squirtle in LG...), with Bulbasaur in Red and Treecko in Sapphire. I guess I didn't want to break the chain! Plus, the dinosaur with the tree and mountains on his back just seemed way too cool.
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    Band-new member

    I think he means the people who you try to help's most common solution is ctrl alt delete. :P EDIT: Oh yeah, and I'm a new member too. >_> Hi everyone!