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  1. Jeenso

    LoN's Signature School

    Hi! I have never really been accustomed to graphics like this - the site I usually dwell on we do things differently. I have lots of examples if you wanna see how different it is. >_> Well, I came for some critique on this thing:
  2. Jeenso

    Phanes' Signature Collection

    Hi there! ^_^ I'm not very familiar with graphics like these, so my comments may sound kinda foreign. XP But here's my two cents. I love this one: The colors all go together, and it's simple but complex at the same time! Does that make any sense? XD The absence of text is good. I don't like...
  3. Jeenso

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Curse of the Demon Pokemon

    OOC: I'm sorry I haven't been on lately. What's going on? BIC: Charrie had no clue what was going on She was completly lost.
  4. Jeenso

    Kera's Arts of Awesome

    ....OHH!!!!!! No wonder, I'm so sorry, I'm so stupid, XD. i just saw Kerauno and thought that was it. Again, sorry!!!! =P I LUV EM!!!!!! THANK U!!! (and I'll be at your SHOP (rite) more often ;P)
  5. Jeenso

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Curse of the Demon Pokemon

    OOC: Yeah, it was, I got lost in it XD. BIC: Charmie walked up to the door from which the Zangoose had just exited. She suddenly ran back. Her companions suddenly knew why. The thick smoke from an explosion seeped through the door. Charmie gagged the dust put out the smallest bit of the flame...
  6. Jeenso

    Kera's Arts of Awesome

    Where? I don't see them, and like i said, I don't even see my order form. (where do you put your orders anyway?)
  7. Jeenso

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Curse of the Demon Pokemon

    Charmie was glad when Kip had said 'friends', meaning he had included her. "Are you coming along or what?" Timothy said. Charrie nodded and trotted along after him and Kip. When they entered, Charmie halted. The dojo was spectacular! Every inch was clean (much like her little rock of a home)...
  8. Jeenso

    Kera's Arts of Awesome

    Hey Kerauno, I've been looking through your shop and I don't see my order form or my orders anywhee. I haven't even seen them yet, come one, why'd ya delete it!!!! Can you PM me it (if you haven't already deleted it fromy our hardrive...)???????
  9. Jeenso

    Tun's Trainer Sprite Tut c:

    This tutorial was really simple! I went from that first sprite you started with, to this: And, for a bonus, I wanna give you this Nidoqueen I recolored for making this awesome tut =]:
  10. Jeenso

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Curse of the Demon Pokemon

    OOC: Hey, no powerplay! BIC: Charmie shrugged was going to turn away when she heard the scream of warning behind her. "Look out!" She looked over her shoulder to see Kip flying right at her. "Whoa!" she cried as they both tumbled over. Her rear hit the ground underneath her hard and she got up...
  11. Jeenso

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Curse of the Demon Pokemon

    Charmie had be brooding about her little cave off the edge of the town when she had the instinct that something was waiting for her outside. She peered out and seeing nothing, regreted going, but went anyways. Her instincts haven't let her down yet. She walked around and finally saw two Pokemon...
  12. Jeenso

    The Sprite Cave- Gallery and Shoppe- ~Reopened for Requests!~

    Re: The Sprite Cave- Gallery and Shoppe- ~Requests Open~ Name: Jeenso Gender: Girl Age: 10 (I'm really 11 as of 7:00 Pm today, though XP) Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Dark Brown Clothing: Purple shirt (short sleeve) with that crop vest thing (like one that dawn wears, I guess), black jeans...
  13. Jeenso

    Pokemon Tech: The School of Hard-Knocks

    Are any of you , like me, a fan of the Indigo League series (the first one)? Well, in the first few episodes, there's one about Pokemon Tech, which is a prep school for Pokemon Trainers. It has three levels, and when you graduate, you're qualified to go to the legue compitition without traveling...
  14. Jeenso

    Curse of the Denom Pokemon-Discussion Thread

    Are we gonna start or have we already started?
  15. Jeenso

    Curse of the Denom Pokemon-Discussion Thread

    Um, Can I post my charrie here? Charmie the Charmander (XD): Resident of Shoreline City who doesn't come out of her little hideaway much. But one day when she does, she runs into Kip the Mudkip and Tim, the new Pokemon in Shoreline. She makes friends with the two, and joins them on the journey...
  16. Jeenso

    Pokémon Music - arranged by Naturematthe

    OMG, I can't play that. Dude, I'm only ten (soon to be 11), geez! But I like it, and if anyone uploads them playing it, I'll definitely listen.
  17. Jeenso

    Curse of the Denom Pokemon-Discussion Thread

    Yeah, we should wait for more players, but I'm itching to start, too. And it's a she thanks. I guess like me, weird, peppy...trying to find the bright side of everything. XD
  18. Jeenso

    Mainstream PRP Character Bios

    Name: Saetbyull Park (Goes by Jeenso) Gender: Female Hometown: Age: 10 Height: 5' exactly Weight: 76.8 (I'm overly skinny, let's face it) Hair: Black, long, straight, sleek and shiny. Eyes: Dark brown, almond shaped Clothing: Short sleeved purple shirt, black cropped vest thingy, black (skinny...
  19. Jeenso

    Curse of the Denom Pokemon-Discussion Thread

    I like this idea. I wanted to know if I could be another Pokemon tagging along with Tim the Chimchar and the Mudkip? If so, I wanna be a Charmander. Yup, one of the oldies. =]
  20. Jeenso

    The Mary Sue Test

    That was funny. I thought I'd be a Mary-Sue 'cause Jeenso's a telekinetic (her entire family is, so it comes from genes) but I only got three points. :3 I think I should've gotten, like, 8 or something, though...