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  1. AnnaSofia7

    "The Great Pokemon War" POKEMON REQUESTS !!!

    Name: Shadow Gender: Male Pokemon: Zoroark Class: Ocean Fighter Attitude: Tries to be mysterious and cool, but fails usually.
  2. AnnaSofia7

    :3 U need to make more pokemonz

    :3 U need to make more pokemonz
  3. AnnaSofia7

    Ask to Join Pokémon nursery (Discussion)

    Basically she did hatch but won't come out :P
  4. AnnaSofia7

    Ask to Join From A Egg

    Three plots. The one with the most votes will be the plot. NO MATURE First Plot: Abandoned. A bunch of eggs are abandoned and hatch to fight on their own. Second Plot: Bred. Hatch from an egg and all eggs (that are in the rp) get taken by a Trainer. Third Plot: Protected All rpers are...
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  6. AnnaSofia7

    Ask to Join Pokemon Nursery

    The egg in the glass wobbled a bit, dust flowing out of a little crack of the egg. The Sandshrew inside, peered out, quickly laying her back to the eggshell, curling up. She actually had been the first to hatch, but refused to come out, only letting out dust when Pokemon or trainers came near.
  7. AnnaSofia7

    Ask to Join Pokémon nursery (Discussion)

    Bio: Unknown (I'm lazy) Name: Luci Species: Sandshrew Age: (Since I read the rp a bit) Egg? Personality: Timid at times, but can be very friendly and funny.