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    Fears and phobias

    i have a ear of the sun does that count i get goostbumps when i feel the warmth on my skin and i have night mares of sun like alien creatures and the sun crashing down on the earth. creepy i no
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    The Treatment of n00bs

    yer its hard to tell mistakes from actual spamming i meant to go on page 2 of a thread when i pressed next instead and a while after i noticed. trying to sort out the problem now tho.
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    Mainstream PRP Character Bios

    Name:guy Gender:male Hometown:ent sayin Age:13 Hair:blond,longish,bouncy Eyes:brown Clothing:black jeans a dark green and light green striped shirt and a white hoodie Personality:happy but often was made fun of for laughing to much  :'( Skills:pretty smart (is that a skill??) Past:he thought he...
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    The Random PokePoll Topic (61): Still watch the Anime?

    hi im new here hi anywho thats not y im here my favourite pokeman hmmmm... i guess its raichu he just looks great and hes just wow :o 2nd would be mew zomg cutiepie yum..............pie ;D in pearl and diamond im lookin forward to turtwig and yuxie. but i guess ill have to wait and see