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  1. Cleo

    Um, yes. It says it on my profile. Lol

    Um, yes. It says it on my profile. Lol
  2. Cleo

    Your most wanted features for generation 8?

    This is going to be long. These are mainly things I'd like to see in any future game & I wouldn't expect this all to be able to fit in 1 game lol. 1. Male fairy type specialists (cough cough - Ilima & Mina being switched last minute - cough cough) 2. Fairy type elite-four 3. Gyms that are...
  3. Cleo

    What did you nickname your Solgaleo/Lunala?

    I named my Lunala "Nyx", after the Greek Goddess of Night. I thought it was fitting to give it a mythical name. :angel:
  4. Cleo

    Eeveelution Chamber

    I think a Flying type eeveelution would be really cool! We have no pure flying type Pokemon, aside from Tornadus. So it would be something new. I also like the idea of flying type Pokemon that don't have bird-based designs~ I absolutely LOVED this design ever since I first saw it years ago. I...