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  1. Fraised

    What did you nickname your Solgaleo/Lunala?

    I... went the "no nickname" route. I personally never give nicknames to legendaries, so I guess Solgaleo was no exception.
  2. Fraised

    Tell Us About YOUR Cringy OC!

    Hooh, well... when I was a pre-teen and very into Sonic the Hedgehog, I had a couple of the requisite bad Sonic FCs: The first one, "Bebe the Arctic Fox", was... just a white Tails recolor with some ugly accessories and a bunch of unnecessary elemental powers: cryokinesis, telekinesis; possibly...
  3. Fraised

    cool Pokemon you didn't use

    Up until a recent playthrough of Platinum, I'd never used a Flareon or a Garchomp before. The former being my favorite Eeveelution, but I tend to struggle to fit one onto my newer teams. (I used a Sylveon in X, and didn't want two Eeveelutions for the sake of diversity; I chose the Fire-type...
  4. Fraised

    Your Most Difficult/Easiest Legendary Capture

    My very first playthrough of Diamond was full of tough legendary encounters. Diamond having been my first non-spinoff Pokémon game, and thus, 10-year-old me was still a noob to the whole task of catching Pokémon. I emptied my entire supply of healing items and PokeBalls trying to catch Dialga...
  5. Fraised


    Hmmm... Blue: Bulbasaur Gold & HeartGold: Cyndaquil Emerald: Treecko OmegaRuby: Mudkip Diamond & Platinum: Piplup (and Chimchar on one uncompleted playthrough) White: Snivy (and Oshawott on an uncompleted playthrough) White 2: Snivy X: Froakie Y: Fennekin (incomplete playthrough; thinking of...
  6. Fraised

    Favourite Legendary?

    Hum... I would probably have to choose Solgaleo, followed closely by Xerneas. When Xerneas was first revealed, its pretty design secured it a spot as my favorite Legendary for a little while. But Solgaleo is the first one that I truly fell in love with - even before Sun was released. It helps...
  7. Fraised

    Pikachu vs Eevee Throwdown! Which Let's Go game did you pick?

    If I decide to pick up either game, I'm tempted to say that I would have to go with Eevee. Not only are a few of my favorite Kanto Pokemon exclusive to that version, but I would probably want a Raichu in my party, as well - something that would be made a little redundant with the...
  8. Fraised

    Open Pokemon In The Wild (Discussion)

    Name: Talli Species: Herdier Gender: Female Appearance: A plain 'ol Herdier, other than having a few nicks in her ears and a shorter "mustache" than the norm. Wears a detached white shirt collar with a dark green, plaid tie tacked on to it. Personality: Talli is a little on the sensitive...
  9. Fraised

    Ask to Join Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Great Exploration RP Thread

    Augustus couldn't help but sigh. This was a large task for a group of ragtags that had only been recognized as an exploration team for a few minutes. But he supposed that they couldn't let the unfortunate Spoink and her uncle down, either, and that helping them was now the team's responsibility...
  10. Fraised

    Your First Pokémon Game

    I used to watch the anime and collect the trading cards when I was about a toddler or so, but only played one of the games for the first time when Gen IV came around. One of my brother's friends had given him their copy of Pokemon Diamond to keep. But I was the one who ended up playing it (since...
  11. Fraised

    Where do you live?

    I was born and raised in Michigan, but I'm currently living in Arizona. It's pretty and all, but... I'm really unhappy here. Once we all have the means to do so, my friends and I are planning to leave our home states and move in together somewhere up north.
  12. Fraised

    If you were allowed to have one pokemon in real life who would it be?!

    It's a really tough choice. But if I were only allowed to have one, I think I would choose Torracat. They're said to act a little spoiled (though I would assume loving) around their owners once they're bonded enough, which sounds like the cutest thing. Owning one that would eventually evolve...
  13. Fraised

    Ask to Join Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Great Exploration RP Thread

    (You're definitely not alone... For some reason, new posts will be delayed in showing up until close to an hour or so after they were made. And then they'll randomly appear after everyone else has already added their replies to the message above it, which throws things off.) Even Augustus...
  14. Fraised

    Ask to Join Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Great Exploration RP Thread

    "Well... If Wigglytuff would be willing to break tradition and allow all five of us to be on the same team, that would be our best bet. There isn't much sense in splitting up when we're all kind of in the same boat here. Though..." Augustus peered over at the rest of the gang thoughtfully. "Even...
  15. Fraised

    Ask to Join Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Great Exploration RP Thread

    The hairs along August's spine stood on end, clearly caught off guard by the interruption. Whether or not any of it was true, he couldn't help feeling a little put off by Donovan's words. 'So, Wigglytuff is being hospitable because he just wants us to vote for him?' he thought. He furrowed his...
  16. Fraised

    Ask to Join Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Great Exploration RP Thread

    Augustus listened quietly, doing his best to keep up with the Guildmaster and the rest of his teammates-to-be throughout their tour of the facility. As awe-inspiring as the place was, he still wore the same grim facial expression that he had had since washing up on the beach outside. But deep...
  17. Fraised

    Ask to Join Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Great Exploration RP Thread

    (Oop. The post that introduced Wigglytuff and co. hadn't loaded up for me earlier, since I was in an area of town with really poor reception and hadn't seen it. My bad! You guys can sort of disregard the end of my last post while I go in and fix it. EDIT: Done!) "H-hello, there," the cat...
  18. Fraised

    Ask to Join Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Great Exploration RP Thread

    By now, the kitten Pokémon had been fully roused from his dreamy state of mind. Not because he had managed to collect his thoughts, but in fact, because the sounds of a scuffle and the shouts of other creatures in distress had finally broken through the blanket of fog around his brain. With a...
  19. Fraised

    Ask to Join Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Great Exploration RP Thread

    The commotion on the beach seemed to go right over the head of one more stray, sodden creature, who lay unmoving in the sand some meters away from the rest of the crowd, his black forepaws covering his face. 'It's dark,' echoed his own voice in the furthest corner of his mind. 'Dark... and...
  20. Fraised

    Pre-evolutions you like more than the evolution

    I'm not alone in feeling this way, but I think I vastly prefer Chespin's base form to its evolutions. I don't outright dislike or hate Quilladin and Chesnaught by any means - I just don't care for them much at all; especially Chesnaught. Compared to the final forms of the other two Kalos...