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  1. voidaquariums

    i make things. [art/writing/sprites]

    sometimes i do things. old thread died so heres the new one. yeet. ----- infrequently asked questions + rules ari what will you do > art. refer to this. > sprites. i can do edits, like fusions/recolors/etc, or sprites of gen6/gen7 pokemon. > pixel art. i'm a bit out of practice with these...
  2. voidaquariums

    XY/ORAS Singles Mono-Dark Team

    So, I decided to make a mono-dark team for some reason, and I need some help. Weavile, Scarfed, Pressure. Ice Punch, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Knock Off. Jolly. 252 Atk+Speed, 4 HP. Absol, Absolite, Super Luck. Fire Blast, HP Psychic, Dark Pulse, Foul Play. Naughty. 252 Sp. Atk+Speed, 4 Sp...
  3. voidaquariums

    BW/B2W2 Singles Umbreon moveset

    I need a good moveset for Umbreon, I don't use dark-types often defensively. My stuff so far: Eievui: Impish nature, Speed 26-30 highest IV, no EVs, Toxic Payback/Snarl Shadow Ball Work Up Yes, Eievui is the name of my Umbreon. I couldn't think of anything else.