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  1. Evoliponita

    What did you nickname your Solgaleo/Lunala?

    I named it Wölkchen wich is the german version of Nebby.
  2. Evoliponita

    What are some ridiculous nicknames you gotten from wonder trade?

    It was while playing Pokémon Sun/Moon or Ultrasun/Ultramoon and I can't remember wich Pokémon I trade but I recieved an Arbok named Apfelsaft (apple juice in case you don't know the meaning of Apfelsaft).
  3. Evoliponita

    The Person Below Me

    No I haven't. The person below me likes to read all sorts of books
  4. Evoliponita

    Relaunch FAQs

    @Doctor Oak Yeah that was what I wanted to ask, sorry if it was a bit difficult to get. For the second question, no problem, I can understand, that it has become way to difficult to keep up with all this new stuff added to every new edition, that is announced. The anwnsers really helped me...
  5. Evoliponita

    The Person Below Me

    True I really need a walk outside in a forest or to the train station and just sit there watching all sorts of trains pass by. The person below me has a child
  6. Evoliponita

    New Member Introductions

    I there I am Evoliponita and new to this site. My favorite Pokémon are Eevee and his evolutions, Ponyta and Rockruff and Lycanroc. The origin of my name is simple. It's nothing more then the german names of Eevee (Evoli) and Ponyta (Ponita) written together.
  7. Evoliponita

    Relaunch FAQs

    Well I have two question to the new TCM and hope I can get some answers. 1. The cards I create with the new TCM can I upload theme on an other side, aslong as I didn't remove the signature on the right bottom of the card? 2. Is in the future the possibility to add gym badges to the new modern TCMs?