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  1. Lemony_Cake

    Im looking to hire an artist

    1: I don't have money because im a kid, so you'll have to work for free. 2: Im looking for anime art. 3: Someone who is good at coming up good with ideas. 4: someone good at art and drawing.
  2. Chunky Ramen

    Characters wanted for a mediocre MHA FF (Still Accepting)

    This thread is still accepting major characters. SO. It's an AU. Not much else to say. Just different characters and where I waited until last night to make an actual debut with the AU. As for the plot line, it loosely follows the anime. And no, the main character does not have One for All, if...
  3. arally

    Ask to Join Warrior Cats: New Heights [Discussion]

    Before I get into anything else, since this is a Warriors based roleplay, I ask of you to have at least read ONE or more of the books in the series and are familiar with how things work in the warrior cats world. Thanks! It took quite a bit to make this, so I'm hoping it will be successful. I...