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  1. DeusDeDeus

    Ask to Join A Journey Throughout! (Kalos)

    Information: This takes place among the region of Kalos many years into the future from the original timeline. There are new Gym Leaders, new Elite Four, and a new Champion. The starters available are any of the starters from Generation 1 to Generation 6. Make sure to read EVERYTHING below...
  2. •spirit•

    Private/Closed ◈The Valorine Region! (RP)◈

    Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-valorine-region-discussion-sign-ups.22165/ ~~~~~~~~~~ Jade woke up to the scrubbing of rocks on her neck. She rolled around groggily in her bed, before opening her eyes to an orange blur. She got up and rubbed her eyes, and looked down at...
  3. •spirit•

    Private/Closed The Valorine Region! (Discussion & Sign Ups)

    A newly discovered region for you, Valorine sports many different environments that other regions don't have. New Pokemon have been discovered here, as well as the ones we all know and love. This region is divided into 6 small islands, all connected by red bridges and many cherry blossom trees...
  4. Deadscopez

    Open Doomed Kalos

    Kalos is faced with yet another threat since the dissapearance of the champion and elite four. Gyms are shutting down slowly and the poke lab is open exclusively to a certain few and is guarded by men day and night. The prescence of Team Flare is a forgotten tale although something much...
  5. TheStargazer

    Open Pokemon Gym Leader Tournament Discussion and Sign Ups

    RP is here!! https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-gym-leader-tournament.15554/ Intro: Congratulations! You and many other Gym Leaders from around the Pokemon Universe have been chosen to participate in a tournament in the Kanto region the where the winner will be crowned a member of the...
  6. Kaleb Advent

    Ask to Join World Champion Tournament

    Come one, come all! The WCT is finally on its way! This tournament is only for the best of the best, the champions among Champions, the strongest in the world! If you want to compete, then come to Unova for a Pokémon* battle you won't forget! *Legendaries are not allowed in the WCT. Sorry, but...
  7. Kaleb Advent

    Ask to Join World Champion Tournament Application

    Application for the WCT goes here! Post your profile stuff here alongside your Pokémon. The actual roleplay is here! Name: Gender: Hometown: (Optional) Age: Height: Weight: (Optional) Hair: Eyes: Clothing: (Optional) Personality: Skills: (Optional) Pokémon: Name: Species: Gender: Ability...
  8. Silver-Solis

    The Pokecharms Challenge

    So, I suddenly had an Idea for something that I think many users might enjoy. Introducing, The Pokecharms Challenge! So, it would be like a gym leader, elite 4, and champion challenge. We could have members compete for the spots, in the beginning, gym 1 being the lowest rank you can have while...