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  1. BonslyJuice

    Commissions~! (OPEN)

    Welcome, one and all! I'll be doing commissions here and there, and if you want one, just talk to me! Here are the options and prices: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Undertale Sprite Customization -----$10 Pokemon Sprite Fusion (Only gens 1-5) -----$12 Trainer Sprite...
  2. PKMN-Obsessionist

    Ten-Buck Commissions

    If you guys have any trainer OCs you'd like rendered in my style, message me. Each commission is worth 10USD and is for ONE trainer and ONE pokemon, similar to both pieces below, no background included. BUT! If you order 3 of them [must be in one order] I'll render them each with a background...
  3. bubblyberet


    Hi everyone!!! In light of Pokemon Go I decided to do a special pricing on Pokemon pictures!!! Anything related to Pokemon, whether it be your favorite pokemon, a pokesona, or even a human character from the show, game, or your own trainer oc! Even gijinkas are welcome! First two characters...