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  1. higavoch

    Why Guzma is crazy (cute)?

    For me, he is just crazy, in his team there are only crazy people who only think about stealing but who can be nice just like him, he participated in the league, and even among all these things he is still serious when he needs to. I love the post-game of UM because of the duo battle with Guzma...
  2. The Dark Fairy

    Open Something Crazy

    Ok, so I want to try something crazy. So in this chat we are going to build a Multiverse, with every post you can make a rule/law of the multiverse. Lets see what we can come up with! Rules: 1: Posts with rules/laws/nuances must have CARZYTART, so I can use a find function for it 2: You can not...
  3. kyuukestu

    Ask to Join Geminos: ~Threads of Uncertainty~ (Discussion Thread)

    A pokemon RP of (currently) uncertain...everything, hosted by the members of Naruto RP, something we've been delaying for far too long. So let's see if this thread can galvanize some actual progress on a Pokemon RP. @Mystic Zander @Retro Master @Godjacob @Shen: King of the Mist @5DigitNeb...