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  1. Lemony_Cake

    Anime pictures

    This I fan art of me and su from my hero academia, love
  2. BonslyJuice

    Commissions~! (OPEN)

    Welcome, one and all! I'll be doing commissions here and there, and if you want one, just talk to me! Here are the options and prices: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Undertale Sprite Customization -----$10 Pokemon Sprite Fusion (Only gens 1-5) -----$12 Trainer Sprite...
  3. Dfox

    Looking for gen 4+ trainer sprite maker requests

    I'm working on a fan game and I have all the characters I need already designed. I was just wondering if anyone could help me with some sprites? It doesn't have to be every character, it could just be one. Regardless, with permission of it, i'll give full credit to the sprites. The types of...
  4. Nidocool

    Pokémon Sun and Moon: Trainer Customization

    So, I was just wondering. Do any of you guys think that they actually WILL bring back trainer customization in Pokémon Sun and Moon? If so, what would you like to see. There's personally a lot for me, such as bandanas, ponytails for the guys, more hair colors, and maybe the ability to NOT wear a...
  5. Stelluna

    Pokemon Sprite and Trainer Sprite Requests (Fakemon and Pokesonas included)

    I take requests for pokemon sprites now! I will not be able to do these all the time though, as I have school. Post a request of what you want me to make and post a link to a picture/a picture of what you want me to make. If I'm doing a fakemon, you can post a picture of a pokemon for me to use...
  6. Scrafty

    Sprite Requests

    You can give me some requests and I will make some for you. Some samples pokemon splices Some Pokemon Trainer Sprites