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  1. ThaxMars

    Ruckus 2020 - My cute dogs playing transforms to Pokemon style battle scenes

    I thought you all may enjoy this! I really would LOVE feedback, what would make this video more sharable--making this look exactly like a Pokemon battle? Or maybe more sharable animals? Lions and Tigers and Bears? Thanks for watching!
  2. solitaire524

    Open Caught in his Claws

    This roleplay is not for the faint of heart! There will be implicit gore and mentions of topics that may trigger some people. You have been warned. ~~~~~~~~~~ Years ago, a human scientist became obsessed with animals. At first he just researched them, looking them up in books and on websites...
  3. AmazingAmpharos

    Open Rick and Morty: Dogworld RP?

    I am a huge fan of the show, Rick and Morty and personally my favorite characters is Snowball/Snuffles. I don't really know why? I guess I'm a fan of furturistic and animal fusions. Anyways, I always wanted to do a RP set in the world when dogs left Earth and started to create their own world...
  4. _Umbreon_

    Survival Of The Fittest (Ask to join)

    (Unless I have tagged you, Ask to Join) ( @EspeonTheBest @NightRaven @Eeveechu151 @Frisk @Twilight Nova @Emerelda) (Pokemon only please! Pokemon do eat eachother in this Rp.) Current Role Players! @_Umbreon_ : Umbreon (Nocturne) @Eeveechu151 : Eevee and Jolteon @EspeonTheBest : Espeon (Ina)...