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  1. Lemony_Cake

    Anime pictures

    This I fan art of me and su from my hero academia, love
  2. Cerol24x

    Pixel universe of Cerol's requests

    Howdy. My name is Cerol. You got on my page of requests. You can write here any pokemon you want... But there are exceptions. 1. Fusions. 2. Final evolutions (I have piece of paper, and pencils... I can't draw final evolutions, of some pokemons, because they are too big) 3. Something that...
  3. YamiVolcarona

    YamiVolcarona's Art Request Thread

    Well, I already put this on my profile, but I can do requests, as long as you don't care when I get them done. I have a lot of stuff in my personal life (like a job and swim team practice), so I may not get it to you in a timely fashion if it is complicated enough. However, I love making stuff...
  4. BonslyJuice

    Art Requests

    Hey, how's it going? I'm Potato, and I'm here to ake your ideas into reality! I'm somehwat limited and varied. Here are the things that I mainly do: - Megas/Primals (Can give me ideas for abilities and moves, in addition to looks) - Fighting Scenes (longer wait) - Characters from RPs (require...
  5. Nidocool

    Can I Request Something?

    So, I have a character, Maddison (or Mook as I like to call her.) She's going to play a major part in my fanfiction and I don't really have enough courage to upload her drawings here. So could I have a few people draw her for me? Preferrably with her Alolan Raichu.